Everett Flaker receives a vaccine from Joyce Sanfilippo

Everett Flaker, left, prepares to receive a COVID-19 vaccination shot from Joyce Sanfilippo, RN, April 2 at Mercy South. Some staff members were wearing bunny ears while working at the clinic Friday ahead of Easter Sunday.

The Franklin County Health Department recorded 32 additional COVID-19 cases over the weekend, bringing the countywide total since the pandemic began a year ago to 9,274. The probable case count was 2,048 Tuesday.

The report showed a 10-day rolling total of 107 cases and a 14-day new case average of 9.07 cases. Three county residents are hospitalized, and there is one active long-term care case, per the report.

The number of county residents who have died from COVID-19-related complications since last year remains at 169 people, with 27 additional people listed as probable deaths.

As of Tuesday, 28,473 Franklin County residents — or 27.4 percent — had started vaccination against the virus. More than 16,500 county residents are completely vaccinated.