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Volume 160 | Number 2

Prop P System Starts March 20
n Paychecks Will Vary Month-to-Month

By Geoff Folsom

Union Missourian Editor

cers raises. In 2019, Union
based the initial raises on
projected sales tax revenue
for the county, but changed
the formula to a model used
by Sullivan when last year’s
sales tax revenue came up
just short of the anticipated
Under the new plan,

Union Police Department
officers can expect their first
payments under a revised
Proposition P payment plan
in their Friday, March 20,
Prop P, a half-cent sales
tax approved by voters in
2018, provides money to
give law enforcement offi-

money raised from the tax is
passed through the city, related expenses are taken off
the top and money is then
distributed evenly among
full-time police officers, City
Administrator Russell Rost
Instead of receiving a
standard $4.18 per hour

raise, like they did last year,
the amount of each raise
will change from month to
month based on how much
sales tax revenue the county takes in.
“I think this is the most
smooth, fair distribution of
Prop P funds,” he said.
To make way for the

changes, the city has to
amend its personnel policy.
The changes will allow for
things like future cost of
living increases on top of
the Prop P raise. The Board
the change at its Monday,
March 9, meeting.
“This is kind of housekeeping stuff to make sure
we do it by ordinance to al• See Prop P Page 2U

n For Union R-XI

By Kristen Dragotto

Missourian Staff Writer

Students in the Union R-XI School District will
be experiencing some changes for the 2020-21
school year.
The district recently announced its new boundaries for elementary schools that will go into effect
starting with the 2020-21 year. The boundaries were
approved by the board of education last month.
The redistricting goes back to five years ago, when
modular units were put at Central Elementary due
to overcrowding, Superintendent Dr. Steve Weinhold
“One of my first tasks when I got hired was to address the overcrowding and get rid of modular units,”
Weinhold said. “We came up with a plan to build
Prairie Dell Elementary and reorganize the schools.”
Weinhold added when the district was divided up
the idea was to make Central Elementary School’s
attendance smaller, which is one of the more highly
populated areas in the district because it is in the city
“The Beaufort boundary was moved east toward
the city,” Weinhold explained. “For Prairie Dell Elementary we (the district) had to go across the river
from 47 north up by Pasta House and incorporate Old
County Farm Road, Highway V and Independence in
order to get the Central Elementary smaller.”
Beaufort, Central and Prairie Dell elementary
schools will have grades prekindergarten through
fifth grade. Union Middle School will now have
sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students after an
addition is finished this summer.
The high school grades will remain the same.
“As a result, this will create less transition for
a child in a district,” Weinhold explained. “They

Early Morning Voter
Not many people got up early to vote Tuesday, March 10, in the presidential primary election
in Union. Voting was expected to pick up later in the day.  
Sarah O’Daniel/Missourian Photo.

Union Narrows City
Administrator List
By Geoff Folsom

Union Missourian Editor

Union has narrowed its
choices for its next city administrator.
A committee designated to
choose a successor to outgoing
City Administrator Russell
Rost has narrowed 15 applicants down to eight, Mayor

Rod Tappe said at the Monday, March 9, Board of Aldermen meeting.
“We’re going to go through
some testing online, and after we get those results back,
then we’ll cut it down a little
more,” Tappe said. “It’s going
very well.”
After the meeting, City Attorney Matt Schroeder, the

chairman of the selection
committee, declined to comment when asked to provide
any information on the candidates.
Rost, who has served as
city administrator since 2006,
announced he will retire in
October. Rost recently filed to
run in the Republican prima-

• See Boundary Page 2U

• See List Page 2U

City Hall Project
Shortens Flagpoles
n To Reduce Wear-and-Tear

By Geoff Folsom

Union Missourian Editor

A shorter Union City Hall
means shorter flagpoles outside
— and that saved the city some
The city originally planned to
have flagpoles at the new one-story building that’s under construction at the same height they are
at the existing two-story city hall.
But they learned that it was more
practical to go with flagpoles that
are five feet shorter, and it would
save $564.
The changes are expected to reduce wear-and-tear on flags.
“The flags are, believe it or not,
significantly expensive,” City Administrator Russell Rost said at
a Monday, March 2 personnel, fi-


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nance and public works committee meeting. “So if we lower them,
it makes the flags last longer,
and it’s more consistent with the
height of the building.”
Unfortunately, the savings on
flagpoles was more than offset by
change orders on other products
at city hall that turned out to be
more costly than first thought. As
data needs evolve, the city determined it will need to spend more
on connections in city hall’s boardroom and engineering office. It is
also buying additional items like
a new meeting room projector and
white boards.
The data-related projects will
cost the city $5,674 more than anticipated.
Rost said a door that was origi-

On Target Sale
Dot and Harold Lane checked out some of the items for sale Saturday,
March 7, at the annual rummage sale at the City Hall Auditorium. Shoppers
could buy everything from toy cars to blankets at the sale.  	 Missourian Photo.

• See Flagpoles Page 2U

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