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Entertaining the Crowd
Jo Schaper, left, and Maxine Scheske showcased their musical talent at
the St. Clair Historical Museum banquet Saturday, Feb. 29. 	Missourian Photo.


lyn Cikovic, also volunteered their time to help
create the garden.
Bill Snow, the library’s facilities manager, constructed the
beds, installed the fencing and built the pergola and the attached
In addition to paying for the lumber, the
Friends of the Library
group covered the cost
of mulch, liners, topsoil
and a motion-activated
“I am very pleased
that the Friends of the
supports our library
and has taken it upon
themselves to financially support the garden,”
said Bell. “The group
also gave us other support with the planning
of the garden, the design of it and some of
the work that’s been
done with it.
“I think they’ve really invested a lot in the
garden, and I think it’s
going to be fruitful,” she
Immediately following the garden dedication, the Friends of
the Library will host a
member drive in the library’s meeting room.

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The membership drive
is for those who are
interested in learning
more about the Friends
of the Library group
and possibly becoming
Garden Beds
The community garden is located behind
the library and features 14 4-foot by 8-foot
raised beds for vegetables, eight smaller beds
for flowers and herbs,
and a water spigot.
According to Bell, the
library held a mandatory meeting for those interested in checking out
a bed Saturday, Feb. 22.
Four patrons attended
the meeting.
checked out a bed and
they seemed really excited about the opportunity to have a garden
space,” said Bell, adding that seven of the
small beds and nine of
the large beds are still
If a patron wishes to
check out a garden bed,
they need to either visit
the library or call to inquire.
At the beginning
of the checkout process, Bell will go over
the community garden
agreement with interested individuals and
explain the guidelines
for garden usage. After
filling out the agreement, patrons will
need to present their
library card and will
then be able to choose
from available beds.
Interested individuals can find the user
agreement under the
About Us tab on Scenic
Regional Library’s website.
Along with the garden beds, patrons who
check out a space in the
community garden also
will be able to check out
gardening hand tools
upon request.
“I imagine a lot of
people probably already have their gardening tools, but if
somebody doesn’t, we


designated pickup spot
by 6 a.m. on the day of
pickup. If the residential
toter is not out at this
time, it will be picked up
the following week.
• Residents should
leave at least 2 feet between containers.
• Residents are not to
park personal vehicles
within 10 feet of containers.
• Do not place containers within 5 feet of a
mailbox or tree.
• Residents should
face toter handles toward
their home.
• Residents should not
drill into, bolt or fasten
any object to their cart
• Do not overfill trash
cart or place additional
garbage on top of the container.
• The toter lid must be
closed in order to pick up
the contents.
• Additional trash bag
tags are 60 cents per additional bag.
• Bag and tie all trash.
• Avoid packing materials tightly inside the
cart. If all citizens use

don’t want that to be an
impediment to them actually gardening,” said
Those who check
out a bed for the 2020
growing season will be
required to attend the
end of the year meeting
scheduled for Saturday,
Nov. 14, at 10 a.m.
According to Bell, at
that time, everyone who
has checked out a garden bed for the season
needs to have their gardening space cleaned
out and left neat and
According to Bell,
the construction of the
garden will allow for a
variety of different programming opportunities, and the library is
already in the process
of planning garden-focused programs.
One program that is
being planned is a garden pizza program.
“We’re going to have
planted in our bed some
appropriate for a pizza, like bell
peppers, tomatoes and
things of that nature,
and at some point we
will have a program
where we’ll have families harvest the vegetables that are ready
and make pizza out of
the fresh produce they
harvested from the garden,” said Bell.
In addition to programming, Bell is excited for what the future
of the garden means for
the St. Clair community.
“I think we’ll see benefits from the garden
every year, and I think
it will grow and develop
into something really
wonderful,” she said.
“St. Clair has a lot going for it, and the Farmers’ Market and the library are, I think, two
gems in the community,
and I think adding the
community garden to
that space is only going
to enhance both of those

bags, trash has less of a
chance to fly away and
get caught in the neighborhood.
• The city also wants
residents to be aware of
the ordinance that requires all toters to be
removed from the designated pickup location,
street, sidewalk, or alley
within 24 hours of collection.
• This month, bulk
pickup will be held
Wednesday, March 25.
Bulk pickup is the last
Wednesday of every
Residents can call St.
Clair City Hall at 636629-0333 to report items
to be picked up.


Big Crowd at Banquet
Many community members attended the annual St. Clair Historical Museum banquet Saturday, Feb. 29. Jerron’s Catering provided the food for
the banquet. 
Missourian Photo.

Gaming at the Library
Nanette Kingston, left, and Katherine Sikes played a rousing game of Mancala at the St. Clair Library Monday, March 9. The library has many board
games available for visiting patrons to play. 
Missourian Photo.


of St. Louis,” said Dr.
Sister Marie Paul Lockerd, the clinic’s medical
One of the target populations for the clinic is
the working poor.
According to Bira, at
least half of the patients
seen on Thursday were
“We wound up seeing eight patients on the
first day — four scheduled and four walk-ins,”
he said.
The clinic accepts
both appointments and
walk-ins. While scheduling an appointment is
encouraged, Bira says it
is not necessary.
don’t need to schedule,
but the more we can
schedule, the more priority we can give them,”
he said.


states, “no significant
changes have been made
to the flood hazard data
on the preliminary and/
or revised preliminary
copies of the FIRM for
Franklin County. Therefore, the city of St. Clair
should use the preliminary and/or revised preliminary copies of the
FIRM as the basis for
adopting the required
flood plain management
In order to become
an ordinance, the FIRM
has to be approved by
the St. Clair Board of


28th Annual

Green Auction

Saturday, March 14
1500 S. Outer Rd., St. Clair



$25 at
the door
Full Table
(8) $140

Bira added individuals may call the same
day to check the clinic’s
Of the eight seen on
Thursday, Bira says all
patients had a very high
acuity with complex issues.
“Because our patients
are required to be uninsured, many of them
have not had any access
to health care,” he said.
“They have more complicated, more complex and
more acute, sometimes
multiple symptoms that
have gotten worse, and
some clinics are unwilling to see them.”
Bira said he’s looking
forward to future visits
in St. Clair and feeling
positive about Thursday’s successful day.
“I feel very positive.


to a healthier life.

The map
to learning
about diabetes,
making the
together in
game board

MARCH 28, 2020
12:30 - 1:30 P.M.

920 H Plaza Drive
Clair, Mo.

5:30 pm Silent Auction Begins
6:30 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Live Auction

For More Info: 636-629-3355 • 314-660-0949

21+ Only
Cash Bar All Evening

One of our new nurses,
Jackie Daugherty, is
from St. Clair and it’s
great to have a local person willing to volunteer
who knows the community,” he said. “The staff
and the parish of St.
Clare were very accommodating and generous,
and we think it’s going
to be a very busy clinic.”
National studies have
shown the benefit of mobile health clinics. Data
from Mobile Health
Map found each visit
to a mobile clinic saves
an average of $200 due
to avoided emergency
room visits, and $1,500
due to long-term impact
of preventive services.
To schedule an appointment, call 1-888870-9610 or email rpc@


S I NCE 1 9 9 1