"The Two Lila Bennetts"

“The Two Lila Bennetts,” by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, is a fast-paced read—a psychological thriller and legal drama. It’s a story of choices, actions and their subsequent consequences.

Lila Bennett is a criminal defense attorney with a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. Lila has made some bad choices in her life and career. The latest—having a drink after work with her boss and lover—a choice that splits her life in two.

In one life, Lila is kidnapped and taken hostage by a stranger, a stranger who knows all about her. Lila is kept in a concrete cell where she is forced to face her mistakes and make amends to those she has hurt. Lila is truly sorry and ready to change—if she survives. Who is behind this? While Lila runs through her mind trying to figure it out, readers learn about all the other bad choices she has made.

In her other life, Lila decides to skip the after work drink and head straight home to her waiting husband. At her car, she is confronted by a stranger but is able to prevent being kidnapped. Now she is being haunted by someone who is exposing the bad choices affecting her marriage, friendships and career.

The story is told in dual scenarios: “free” and “captured.” The captured chapters are about all of the heartfelt thinking she does while in captivity. In her free life Lila knows that she must make amends to those she has hurt in and out of the courtroom. Both scenarios will ruin her life and career. How much of her life she can salvage?

The dual scenario plots were well done, blending perfectly. Both story lines were interesting and left you wondering how it would all end. “The Two Lila Bennetts” is mysterious as well as suspenseful. I was addicted.