"Words on Fire"

If you like historical fiction books that are very exciting, consider reading “Words of Fire,” a great book by Jennifer A. Nielsen.

The main character Audra lives on a farm with her parents in Lithuania. Audra is happy and content with her life until Russian soldiers come to her house and demand that Audra’s parents come with them. Audra’s mother gives her a package and tells her where and who to deliver it to. Audra takes the package, and sneaks away into the woods.

While she is in the woods, she meets a boy named Lukas. They become good friends. Together they find out where to deliver the package. Audra must deliver it to a woman named Milda. It turns out that Lukas knows Milda! She’s a kind, caring woman with many secrets. One of them is that Milda runs a secret school where she teaches children how to read and write.

Audra’s story takes place when Russian soldiers took over Lithuania. The Russians refused any Lithuanians learn to speak, or read the Lithuanian language. But, some Lithuanians rebelled. They carried Lithuanian books to other towns. It was very dangerous to carry the books. The punishment for doing so was death!

Once Audra realizes that Milda is illegally teaching the Lithuanian language through Lithuanian books, she is scared for her safety. Then she learns that Lukas is a book smuggler. He encourages Audra to become a book smuggler too. Lukas thinks if she does, Audra could find her parents.

Readers find out what is in the package Audra has to deliver and if Audra will join the resistance. Will she ever see her parents again? Find out all the answers in this wonderful book!

I liked “Words on Fire” because it was exciting, and it felt very real, like I was there. Overall, it was a very great book.