"This Used to Be St. Louis"

Here is a fast read about 89 of St. Louis’ little known corners, restored warehouses and famous landmarks. The city’s history is layered with Spanish, French, Swiss, German and other ethnic influences. Each wave of immigrants left its distinctive cultural imprint on the city.

“This Used To Be St. Louis” is an absorbing journey through the city’s historical strata. Each site is identified with two pages of narrative and several photographs of its past and present uses. This local history illustrates how many warehouses, homes and businesses have been repurposed into luxurious lofts, modern industries and revitalized commercial areas.

A few locations that grabbed my attention were the Presbyterian Church on Menard Street now home to Obata, A Creative Communication Firm; The Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company warehouse on Park Avenue which has become the Moth Repellant and Urinal Cake Manufactory; and the former private residences on Maryland Avenue which currently house The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.

In addition to all the black and white photos, there are 16 full-color pages of some of the more notable and historic locations. Anyone familiar with St. Louis will enjoy this unique and entertaining trip through the city’s history.

Author Nini Harris has researched and written 14 books on St. Louis history and architecture. Reedy Press is the publisher of this well indexed and referenced 218-page book.