"The Wilding Sisters"

“The Wilding Sisters” by Eve Chase is a lyrical dual narrative – a gripping coming-of-age story about a family of four, the Wilde sisters. The narratives are separated by 50 years and play well off each other. This is a story of secrets, sisters and unsolved mystery.

The first story is narrated by 15-year-old Margot, one of four sisters living with Aunt Sybil and Uncle Perry in Cotswolds, England in July 1959. Their widow mother is off on an adventure in Morocco. Margot resembles her cousin Audrey, whose disappearance five years earlier is still an unsolved mystery that continues to haunt her Aunt Sybil.

While staying at Applegate Manor, Margot is drawn into the life that Audrey left behind. The continued mystery of Audrey’s disappearance and the arrival of Tom and Harry Gore, neighbors from Cornton Place, have these sisters, who are bonded by blood, divided in ways they never thought possible.

The second story is told by 35-year-old Jessie who has just moved into Applegate Manor with her husband Will, stepdaughter Bella and toddler daughter Romy. They have left the hectic pace of London for the serene countryside. Jessie is hoping that the change will help her build a relationship with Bella who is still trying to cope with her mother’s death a few years earlier. There is something about the house that plagues both Jessie and Bella.

The book is haunting, and the characters are brilliant. Chase keeps you in suspense, often leading your thoughts and suspicions in one direction only to have something completely different happen. This dazzling story is beautifully written – it’s a tale of secrets, family and mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.