"The Wicked Redhead"

“The Wicked Redhead” is a thriller that combines history and romance. It’s a follow-up to “The Wicked City," also by Beatriz Williams.

Although I think reading the first novel would provide readers with a foundation for this sequel it does work as a standalone. "The Wicked Redhead" is a quick read, the story of two strong women from two different eras; the roaring 20s in Manhattan and contemporary New York City. The book blends the past with the present smoothly by alternating the narrative between the main characters, Ella and Ginger.

It is 1998 and Ella Dommerich has moved into an apartment in Greenwich Village that used to be owned by Geneva Kelly (Ginger) who is making her presence known. Ella has just quit her job at an accounting firm, left her cheating husband, and started an affair with her neighbor/apartment superintendent Hector. She finds a vintage photo card of Ginger and begins a quest to learn more about the redhead in the photo.

Ginger was a redheaded flapper from Manhattan who found herself in Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1924. She fled New York with her younger sister Patsy and a prohibition agent, Oliver Anson Marshall, whom she loves and has just helped to bring down her bootlegging stepfather.

Oliver is assigned to patrol the east coast from Florida to Nova Scotia looking for bootleggers on the high seas. Ginger fears for his life after she has disturbing dreams and returns to New York in hopes of rescuing him.

“The Wicked Redhead” is the tale of two women from different generations, both trying to solve mysteries that will require strength and ingenuity. It has romance, with a hint of bootlegging, double crosses, and a hint of a ghost story too.