"The Toll"

All good things must come to an end as evidenced by “The Toll” by Neal Shusterman. This is the third book in the series, so before you read it, read the first two. And if you’ve read the other two, welcome back.

Shusterman creates a beautiful, thunderous conclusion to this trilogy. Since the scythes came down, it has been three years. Three years since Goddard came into the spotlight. Three years since Rowan and Citra sank into the freezing, deadly waters. Three years since the Thunderhead labeled everyone unsavory. All is chaos, no one knows what to do, but there is hope when a certain two frozen capsules are finally dug up from the bottom of the sea.

I’ve been waiting so long for “The Toll.” The author, once again, is a master storyteller, creating each unique life as if in a maze, until the very end when each life intertwines with others. The story of Rowan and Citra never gets old as my heart longs and feels for those two.

Fans of this series will be content with this concluding book, but must overlook one problem—the finale is incredibly drawn out. I feel like this 600-page novel could easily have been cut to 400 pages.

That said, “The Toll” doesn’t disappoint. It’s a heart-pounding conclusion with surprises at each turn that definitely deserves to be read. Don’t be afraid to pick up this brick of a book.