"The Starspun Web"

Today we welcome a new reviewer to MO Books, Lynda Klarner, a retired registered nurse. After working as an RN, Lynda moved to Utilization Review and Case Management for a local insurance office from which she retired.

Lynda says she enjoys reading fiction but became interested reading young adult literature because her four granddaughters are avid readers. “Talking with them about books brings me great pleasure,” Lynda said.

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“The Starspun Web,” by Sinéad O’Hart, is a very enjoyable and entertaining, young adult/science fiction novel. It is a story about 12-year-old Tess, an orphan at the Ackerbee’s Home for Lost and Foundlings.

Tess has a passion for science and develops a very special ability using a tool left with her by her father. The antagonist is Mr. Cleat who adopts Tess by representing himself as a distant relative. He and his partner, Mrs. Thistleton, are unscrupulous adults who intend to use Tess’s special ability for their own nefarious purposes.

Tess was raised in a loving environment with a terrific group of friends who draw strength from their relationships with each other as well as their guardians at the orphanage. This small group uses their strength of character, cleverness and bravery to triumph over the antagonists.

The setting is Dublin, Ireland in the area of the North Strand during World War II and the novel is told in third person. The story is thought provoking as it incorporates the “many worlds theory” into the telling of events happening in parallel worlds.

Although the author has the potential to continue this story in a subsequent book, “The Starspun Web” stands on its own.