"The Rabbit Hunter"

The latest in the Joona Linna series by Lars Keplar finds the former detective serving out his sentence for misconduct having assaulted a guard, and aiding in the investigation of a convicted felon.

Making the most of his life of incarceration, Linna has accepted that his time as a police officer is over. Linna has found purpose and clarity on the inside, but outside the prison walls the Swedish security police are in crisis after the murder of the Swedish foreign minister.

As details emerge, Linna’s old partner Saga Bauer scrambles to conceal the nature of the foreign minister’s death. The testimony of a single witness, and execution style killing of the foreign minister, heavily suggest that the events are part of a terrorist plot.

With national security in peril, and on Bauer’s recommendation, Linna is offered temporary freedom in exchange for assisting with the investigation and infiltrating the suspected terrorist organization. The old partners reunited, Linna and Bauer work in tandem to uncover the plot.

When Linna makes contact with the suspected terrorist cell, a new development sends the investigation off course. What once seemed like a clear path to stopping the killing spree is muddled as further details surface and more murders occur leaving Linna and Bauer struggling to link together pieces of evidence that seem to have no relevance.

Recovered security footage from the foreign minister’s property is discovered providing an unexpected connection that sends them searching a prestigious Swedish boarding school and a Chicago psychiatric residence. When a horrifying crime committed decades earlier is discovered, the final puzzle piece falls into place and the murderous plot is discovered to be one not of terrorism, but of vengeance.

“The Rabbit Hunter,” by Lars Kepler, the pseudonym of husband and wife co-writers Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril, is a captivating whodunit, written deftly in a way that manages to be incredibly detailed and simultaneously succinct. Their skillful narration crafts a thrilling story that is enticing and smart from beginning to end as they slowly peel back the layers of mystery to expose the answer to their readers, leaving just enough to keep us hungry for Linna’s next adventure.