"The Queen of Blood"

“The Queen of Blood,” by Sarah Beth Durst, is the first in a fiction- fantasy-trilogy titled “The Queens of Renthia.”

In this debut book, the people of Aratay depend on nature spirits to keep them alive, but these spirits also are killing them. Daelina of Greytree lives in a small village that suddenly is attacked by the spirits. She soon finds out she has the queen's power to control them.

Daelina goes to an academy to train and compete for the title of queen so she can take the throne when the existing queen dies. However, Daelina discovers more then she should have, and this could lead to the entire kingdom falling to the spirits. Daelina happens onto Ven, an exiled champion, and they embark on a journey to find out why the spirits have become more hostile. Their quest is dangerous and they have little time before everyone they love is endangered.

I really enjoyed this book because it showed how man would always want to have control over nature and I like that concept. I also grew attached to the different characters, and the battles were interesting to read. They had me impatient to see what would happen next. “The Queen of Blood,” is filled to the brim with magic, friendship and adventure.

I’m interested in reading the next book in the trilogy, “The Reluctant Queen,” which comes out in July, because it is written from a different queen's point of view. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the other kingdoms in this trilogy.