"Nameless Queen"

In “Nameless Queen,” by Rebecca McLaughlin, a change in rulers is imminent. King Fallow has just died and the crown must be passed on. When the crown is passed on the new ruler’s name will be spoken.

The entire kingdom expects Ester, the only daughter of King Fallow, to receive the crown tattoo showing that she will be queen. However, that's not what happens.

In the slums of the kingdom, a girl, the dirt of dirt, wakes up with a piercing pain on her arm. Thinking it's just another bruise from a brawl, she looks at her arm and sees the tattoo. This is impossible to even imagine. How could the king possibly know her name? Her name doesn’t exist.

The girl must now survive the twists and malice of the royal court to find out what's going on and set about saving the kingdom. While being the rightful ruler, she’ll have to make a name not only for herself but for all the nameless.

In this this smashing debut novel by McLaughlin, you’ll be cheering the girls and her beloved friends on as they fight for all of humanity.

This is a faced paced book that will be welcomed by fantasy-loving teens. Magic is scattered throughout and the ending is brilliant. I really liked the idea of the book having a world where only the wealthy have identities. This leads to a great dilemma and tragedy.

“Nameless Queen” reveals the importance of knowing who you are. This is a great debut and I can’t wait to see how the author progresses in her writing in her next book. Until then, pick this one up.