"The Lying Room"

“The Lying Room,” by Nicci French, is a psychological thriller as well as a domestic thriller full of suspense, emotion and unpredictable twists.

The main character Neve Connolly is a caring, loving wife and mother who is extremely protective of her family. Neve is one of those people that everyone is attracted to. She is always there for everyone and people just naturally navigate toward her.

Neve has been married to Fletcher for 20 years and they have three children. Her life has become dull and routine; Fletcher has become inattentive and her children distant. Neve uncharacteristically finds herself having an affair with her boss, Saul. She knows that it won’t last—that it’s just a fling but it makes her feel alive and desirable. Everything changes when Neve arrives at Saul’s apartment after receiving a text and finds he’s been murdered.

Neve has a decision to make; call the police and expose her affair to her family thereby risking irrevocable damage or remove all traces of herself from the apartment thus protecting her family and marriage. Neve decides to remove any hints in the apartment that would divulge her affair with Saul, and clean up, thus removing any evidence that might help solve the murder.

Neve hopes that after cleaning the apartment things will return to normal and no one would be any the wiser. But then Detective Chief Inspector Alastair Hitching shows up to work and begins asking questions. In order to protect her family Neve begins a complex web of lies and misdirections. Every time Detective Hitching appears asking more questions Neve must analyze her previous lies and answer accordingly.

Keeping all the lies straight is exhausting but Neve’s determination to keep the affair a secret prevents her from telling the truth. Neve soon realizes that she was the intended target not Saul. She knows that she is in danger. Neve must now try and figure out who wants her dead?

What started out as a mid-life fling ended in Saul’s death and though Neve is innocent of the murder she’s at the center of the investigation. This tense psychological thriller is full of twists and will keep you guessing who really did murder Saul. This page turner is all about Neve’s choices and their consequences.