"The Library of Lost Things"

Libraries are filled with stories upon stories. Each book holds a tale that is just waiting to be told, but sometimes these stories are lost among the stacks. Luckily hidden gems fall into the laps of those willing to look for them. That is the case in Laura Taylor Namey’s book “The Library of Lost Things.”

Darcy is a girl who loves to read. She absorbs each sentence and statement and can recite any quote. But Darcy is more than just a good student and an avid book reader—she has a secret—her mother is a hoarder.

In addition to the problem of her mother, Darcy has to deal with a grandmother who might cut her off and an absentee father. Then there’s the new apartment manager who’s breathing down her neck. All of this translates into Darcy not just drowning in words but drowning in problems too.

Her exuberant best friend, Marisol, is lighthearted throughout the story. The girls’ friendship is the solid footing Darcy needs to get through all her different problems. Darcy and Marisol work in tandem to tackle issues regarding Darcy’s mom and college, and situations with boys too, one boy in particular.

After an awkward encounter Darcy stumbles upon a boy who will change her bookish ways. Asher Fleet is a graduated senior who had big plans before an accident stripped his future away. As Asher opens the cover to Darcy’s story he slowly gets her to walk out of the stories she finds comfort in and start living her own life. They get to know each other through conversations they share while at Darcy’s job at a bookstore. Though they’re an unlikely pair they are exactly what the other needs to finally open up.

This book is a contemporary romance all book lovers will enjoy with a satisfying ending. If you’re a fan of romance novels, you read a lot of the same material with plenty of clichés. It’s great to discover a book that isn’t just about male and female relationships, but other relationships as well.

It was rewarding to see Darcy open up in her relationship with her mother and celebrate the wonderful friendship she has with Marisal. It’s easy to relate to Darcy on so many levels and root for each character. If you are an avid book reader “The Library of Lost Things” is for you.