"The Kill Club"

“The Kill Club,” by Wendy Heard, is a twisted psychological thriller that will leave readers guessing whodunit right up to the end. The story highlights the injustices that many abused people endure when trying to escape from horrific situations.

Jasmine Benavides (Jazz) is one of those people. She has been trying for years to get custody of her younger brother, Joaquin, a 13-year-old diabetic who requires daily insulin injections.

Jazz and Joaquin’s religious zealot foster/adoptive mother Carol will not give Joaquin his insulin. At school Jazz has managed to get Joaquin his insulin. But that becomes a problem when Carol withdraws Joaquin from school and moves. Jazz tried contacting child services numerous times and has gone to the police but they failed in granting her custody of her brother. Jazz knows Joaquin will die without his meds.

Just as Jazz’s desperation escalates she receives a strange phone call offering a solution. All she has to do is join the Blackbird Kill Club, a network of vigilantes who help one another when the law and special services fail to step up to the plate. The members agree to kill each other’s abusers.

Once Jazz has killed an abuser on the kill list, Carol’s name will be added. Jazz agrees to join the club knowing that if she makes a mistake, or if she talks, she will be killed. The club members kill their assigned victim by an injection of poison at a crowded venue and then leave a calling card behind. They always drop a playing card with blackbirds on it, thus leaving a trail of dead bodies for the police to investigate.

“The Kill Club” is gripping and character driven. Jazz is very unique and rough, and even with all of her flaws you find yourself cheering her on and hoping she can save Joaquin. This thriller is a quick, exciting read.