"The Honey Don't List"

“The Honey-Don’t List,” by Christina Lauren, is a fun romantic comedy! Carey and James are geniuses at home design, a dynamic assistant duo who work for Melissa “Melly” and Rusty Tripp.

The banter between James and Carey is laugh-out-loud funny and their chemistry is sweet and tangible. Melly and Rusty’s relationship is equally comical in the fact that their interactions just keep going from bad to worse.

The author offers clever police-style interview snippets that keep readers wondering. I won't divulge why the couples get involved with the police. Suffice it to say this occurs during a harrowing book tour.

Carey has worked with Melly and Rusty since she was a teen and considers them family, however she is having a hard time watching what fame and money have done to them and to their relationship.

Carey sticks with them because she needs health insurance. She has a minor disability that she’s self-conscious about and appreciates how the couple is aware and accepting of her disability.

James is stuck with assisting Rusty when he should be pursuing a career as an engineer. But at present James is rebuilding his reputation after a scandal at his previous employer’s.

Now Carey and James are tasked with keeping the money making Tripps together in order to maintain the lifestyle that they have created for themselves and their employees. The interactions between one couple falling in love and one couple openly despising each other while acting otherwise will leave you turning pages late into the night.

“The Honey-Don’t List” is a great summer read, one that will find you rooting for love to win out in the end—and perhaps for Melly to get her just desserts too!