"The Good Egg"

Color this one wise and wonderful. “The Good Egg,” by Jory John, is the story of an egg that pushes too hard for perfection.

The egg shares a recycled carton with 11 other eggs: Meg, Peg, Greg, Clegg, Shel, Shelly, Sheldon, Shelby, Egbert, Frank and other Frank. Each of his carton-mates are yokers, get into mischief and trouble, while the Good Egg strives to do the right thing, be a helpmate and “fixer.”

The Good Egg sets the bar so high it’s alarming, the egg’s exhausted, its brain feels scrambled and its shell cracks, causing anxiety and a trip to the doctor. The doc tells says the egg’s health issues are the result of “…all the pressure (it) was putting on (itself.) The pressure of making sure everybody was as good as (the Good Egg was).”

The Good Egg decides to get away. On a road trip, changes occur as the egg makes time for itself—a reminder all of us need. Comic, action-filled illustrations by Pete Oswald bring the Good Egg and his friends to life, each portrayed with personality plus.