"The Girl Who Reads on the Metro"

“The Girl Who Reads on the Metro” is charming little book that takes hold of you very quickly. This easy, relatable read by Christine Feret-Fleury is about escaping the doldrums of life.

Juliette is the title character and she loves books. She leads a quiet, seemingly lonely life but she allows herself to escape that life every morning on her commute into her realty office job. She is an avid people watcher and she spins background stories for those she observes, based on their reading choices.

I could sense the anticipation for Juliette, as if she were on the verge of changing her life, which is exactly what she did. She decided to get off at the wrong metro stop and as she continued to her job via a new path, it ultimately leads her to an eclectic bookstore of sorts.

She meets Soliman and his daughter at the shop and there is an instant connection. Juliette agrees to become a “passeur,” which is kind of a book delivery person. Her job is to match books to people and to pass them on in such a way that the peoples’ lives are sure to change. Eventually, it’s Juliette’s life that changes as she reaches out into the real world and makes real connections with those around her.

This is a sweet story about how to start changing your life when you find yourself stagnant in your reality. It’s also about taking a chance, or taking the road less traveled, and what that can mean regarding how we see ourselves. There’s hope in this book, reminding us we can change our own life at any time by stepping out and creating a new reality. It’s honestly just that simple and that is what makes this an enchanting storyline for “The Girl on the Metro.”

I really enjoyed the ending of the book because it felt more like the start of a new chapter. I’d love to see where Juliette’s new life takes her and the stories she discovers along the way.

There are stories being written all around us and if we are brave and learn how to read people, then the doors of possibility open, not just for Juliette, but for all of us.