The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Night

Rivalry runs rampant in “The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight,” by Jennifer and Matthew Holm, the sister-brother team responsible for the ever-popular “Baby Mouse,” “Swish” and “Sunny Side Up” series.

The Evil Princess and the Brave Knight have a good life in the fancy castle “they shared with a manky cat. But there were issues.” The Evil Princess could be aggressive and didn’t take kindly to apologizing when she was wrong — no matter what the Magic Mirror had to say or do — including sending the siblings to their rooms to think things over.

In solitary, the Evil Princess plotted even more evil, and the Brave Knight contemplated brave deeds, until they both got bored and asked the Magic Mirror to release them. Playing alone didn’t prove to be much fun so they got together and planned a quest; pretend play ensued, involving a rescue that goes wrong, a mess that miffs the Magic Mirror once again.

The Holms continue to be at home writing and illustrating stories that become longtime favorites. Ages 3-7.