"The Class"

If you like funny, sweet, and intriguing books, read this book now!

Ellie is a new student at Highbridge Middle School. Thankfully, Ellie makes a new friend, Lila. But, Lila betrays Ellie. The popular girls, Rosie and Petra, have decided they want Lila in their group. Lila was good friends with Ellie, but Rosie and Petra made Lila only hang out with them. Then, Lila was gone.

Ellie was very sad and felt betrayed. To distract herself, Ellie bought a notebook. She decided to write observations about people in her class—not mean lists, just notes about her classmates, causing some of her classmates to start thinking she’s strange.

Then disaster strikes. Someone steals from their teacher—taking Mrs. Herrera’s most prized possessions. Whoever is stealing has to be sneaky, fast, and good at covering up their crimes.

Some of the kids in the class start to suspect Ellie. If they hadn’t already turned on Ellie, everyone in the class does now, treating Ellie in a mean way and rejecting her. Ellie is very sad because she didn’t steal anything.

The sixth grade class gets even more fired up when they learn one of their classmates, Sam, isn’t supposed to be in their class.

Will Ellie ever find a friend? Who is stealing Mrs. Herrera’s treasured items? Who is Sam? Find out all the answers in this awesome book.

“The Class” is the story of a girl wrongly accused of a crime and rejected because of it. Personally, this book was a bit hard to understand because it kept changing to different kids’ points of view. But, other than that, it was a good read.