"The Betrothed"

Fans of “The Selection” by Kiera Cass were eagerly anticipating the author’s new book, “The Betrothed.” Using elements from her previous books, “The Betrothed” deals with royalty in a new fantasy world. While her previous book was a dystopian love story, this one delves into the realm of fantasy.

Hollis Brite is used to living in a castle, enjoys the opulence of royalty. While Hollis may be used to easy living in Keresken Castle in Coroa, things are about to change. Hollis catches the eye of her country’s new, young ruler, King Jameson.

The king is known to have a wandering eye and uses his charm to wow all the women at court. Hollis is the exception; she charms the king and captivates him with her carefree spirit. She is readily being set up to be the next queen of Coroa as she’s the only woman able to keep the king’s attention. She is given all that ladies of nobility desire: gorgeous rooms, breathtaking jewelry and the attention of a king.

The newfound attention forces Hollis to come to terms with her sudden status. Being thrust into the duties of queen is stressful for Hollis, especially with the visit of a rival king on the horizon. Hollis is left questioning if she really wants to be queen and is being pulled in a new direction when a boy seeking refuge in Coroa catches her eye, and her heart.

Will this boy and his family change the way Hollis planned to live or will she stay in court and live the life most only dream of? “The Betrothed” is a story of love and life’s plans and what you do whenever your plan is flipped upside down.

I loved this wonderful quick read. Hollis is a character that is likeable by all, one who follows her own heart. Even though her family and friends push her to be with Jameson and become queen she does what’s best for her. She is not the typical fantasy love interest and grew a lot as the story progressed but never lost the kindness she possessed from the first chapter.

Hollis follows her heart, a lesson all readers could learn from as they read her story. She is very different from the heroine, America, from “The Selection,” but both women value family and simply being kind to others.

Hollis wasn’t the only highlight of this book—I also enjoyed how Cass kept me on my toes, not knowing exactly what was going to happen, and I was shocked at the ending. Fantasy can be hard to execute and get confusing but I was able to follow the story and understand the complexities of the world Cass created. I was really excited to read “The Betrothed,” and eagerly anticipate the next installment of this bright and lovely world! Make this fantasy romance the next book you pick up.