"That's Life"

Now more than ever we need some humor and inspiration. Readers of all ages will get a heady dose of both with “That’s Life,” a book that helps us roll with the punches when life threatens a knockout.

Author Ame Dyckman presents Life as a zippy, gray what’s-it that drops from the heavens in a crate attached to a colorful balloon. The crate lands on the doorstep of a home where a little brunette is writing a letter. After a “Knock Knock!” she carries the crate inside, cautiously opens it and Life jumps out delivering a slurpy lick to her cheek.

Without hesitation, Life takes her hand and they’re off, “ . . . Life doesn’t come with instructions. You hafta write your own. BUT — Life doesn’t wait. You never know where Life’s gonna take you. Or what Life’s gonna throw at you.”

Words of wisdom continue throughout the text as Life takes the girl on adventures and visits to distant countries, the girl returning with stickers on her suitcase and a wide smile on her face, pleased that Life has been exciting and good. But of course uncertainty and trouble follow because “Life is full of surprises.”

Illustrations by Cori Doerrfeld provide high-energy fun in a book that, while amusing, has serious undertones about accepting Life on Life’s terms.

“So love your life! ’Cause when you do . . . your life will love you back.”