"Spin the Dawn"

“Spin the Dawn” is about a girl who takes on a boy’s persona in a high-stakes fashion competition. Maia Tamarin is one the best tailors in the kingdom. Unfortunately, she's a girl so all she can do is hope for a good man to marry because all of the tailors in the kingdoms are men and they are the only ones allowed to compete.

When guards visit the palace and ask Maia’s father if his son is going to compete, Maia deceives them, posing as her brother. This is a fiercely competitive game Maia plays—if she gets caught she’ll lose her life and ruin everything for her family. Maia takes the risk, however, in the hopes of saving her family from debt and reaching her dream.

Maia dives into the fight of her life with secrets behind each step she takes, backstabbers try anything, including committing murder, in order to win the competition.

To win, Maia will have to fend off 11 other tailors, and nothing has prepared her for this ridiculously, deadly challenge. Will she come out on top, or will she lose everything in the flames of this impossible task?

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Through the deepest lows and the flying heights, author Elizabeth Lim had me rooting for the main character and gasping when things didn’t go as planned.

Give this good read a chance—I almost didn’t and I’m so glad I did. “Spin the Dawn” is perfect for fans of fantasy and books filled with danger and of course a little romance. Now all I can do is start the countdown clock for novel number two in this beautiful series’ debut.