"Pie in the Sky"

If you like hilarious and sweet books, then read “Pie in the Sky,” by Remy Lai immediately!

When Jingwen moves to Australia, he feels lonely, lost and horrible. Going to school and making friends is next to impossible for Jingwen because he only knows a few basic words in English. The only thing Jingwen feels he is any good at is taking care of his super annoying 9-year-old little brother Yanghao.

Jingwen and Yanghao often miss their father, who passed away when he was in a car accident. When Yanghao is looking at his father’s old cookbooks, he discovers the perfect cake. Jingwen wants to bake all the cakes on the menu at Pie in the Sky, a bakery their father wanted to open before he died.

Jingwen decides he will bake a Nutella cream cake, which is the cake Yanghao saw too! But, their mother has set one important rule. Jingwen and Yanghao are not allowed to use the oven when she is away at work.

After school, the brothers wait till Mama leaves for work. Then they go to the grocery store, get the ingredients, pay (with their allowance money), and run home.

Will Jingwen and Yanghao be okay? Will they bake all the cakes? Will Mama find out? Discover the answers in this humorous book!

I really liked “Pie in the Sky” because it is sweet, super funny and very cute. It’s a great and intriguing illustrated novel!