"Miriam Sharma Hits the Road"

It's the summer after freshman year in college for Mariam and she is looking forward to working and hanging out with her best friends: irrepressible and beautiful Ghazala and religious but closeted Umar. Then a shocking photo of Ghaz appears on a billboard in Times Square, and Mariam and Umar come up with a plan to rescue her from her furious parents. What better place to escape than New Orleans?

The friends pile into Umar's car and start driving south, making all kinds of pit stops along the way—from a college drag party to a Muslim convention, from alarming encounters at roadside diners to honky-tonks and barbeque joints.  

Along with the adventures, the fun banter, and the gas station junk food, the friends have some hard questions to answer on the road. With her uncle's address in her pocket, Mariam hopes to learn the truth about her father. But as each mile of the road trip brings them closer to their own truths, they know they can rely on each other, and laughter, to get them through the hardships.

This fast-paced read focuses on three friends, each with a different issue to work through. The novel is both funny at times but also very serious. I did have a problem with its repeated ramblings on issues I felt like I’d already read and thought about, and I found this boring.

If you are looking for something deep to really get into, then I wouldn’t recommend “Mariam Sharma Hits the Road,” But if you're looking for a fast read then absolutely pick up this book. I think it's an entertaining story, as well as thoughtful, a good choice because it offers the opportunity to learn about different communities of people that readers might not have thought much about before.