"Bone Crier's Moon"

“Bone Crier’s Moon,” by Kathryn Puride, is a young adult fantasy. The book’s main character is Ailesse, an 18-year-old young woman, a bone crier, or Leurress, one of a group of people who live together in a common location.

Bone criers are a unique sect of women who earn special skills as they mature. Their acquired skills ultimately bring them to their “Rite of Passage” which grants them the honor of being a ferrier to help the souls of the departed find new homes in the Beyond.

Sabine’s mother died while ferrying a chained (evil) soul, so Ailesse’s mother has become a mother figure to Sabine. Sabine has been raised with Ailesse and they are the best of friends.

Bastien is an orphan who lives in the streets of a town near the convent of the Leuress’. At a young age Bastien witnessed his father’s death at the hand of a Leuress.

Bastien’s best friends are Jules and Marcel, also orphans. They lost their father to death after he married a Leuress. Bastien and his friends have spent eight years studying the Leuress and honing their attack skills for the sole purpose of avenging the deaths of their fathers.

Ailesse and Bastien meet the night of Ailesse’s “Rite of Passage,” when Ailesse lures her secret lover to her to earn the privilege of becoming a Ferrier. It is Ailesse’s intention to kill her lover and it is Bastien’s plan, with the help of his friends, to kill both Ailesse and Sabine to avenge the deaths of their fathers.

“Bone Crier’s Moon” is a face-paced, engaging, entertaining tale that reveals what transpires when Ailesse and Bastien fail to execute their plans. Each chapter is written in the first person of one of the main characters. The characters are well developed and the story is well written and edited. The book can stand alone, but definitely leaves a huge opening for a sequel.