"Big Summer"

While the people of the world are sheltering at home, bored and frustrated, overwhelmed with our unexpected change in circumstances and dreaming of escape, Jennifer Weiner is taking us to the beach. Once again, the New York Times best selling author has delivered a page turner with “Big Summer.” Equal parts mystery, romance and topical social commentary, Weiner has crafted a delicious cocktail for our summer enjoyment.

Six years after a humiliating incident was caught on video and shared on the Internet, simultaneously ending her friendship with her privileged BFF Drue Cavanaugh, and starting her career as a body positive social media influencer, Daphne Berg is shocked when Drue glides back into her life pleading with her to be her maid of honor.

While hesitant and skeptical of her former friend’s request and subsequent personal revelations, Daphne ultimately agrees and is whisked away to Cape Cod for the wedding event of the summer.

The evening of the beachfront rehearsal party Daphne meets Nick, another outsider to the world of wealth and power that Drue and her family frolic within. Flirting over seafood and cocktails, sparks fly between them until the party is interrupted by an escalating argument between Drue and her father. After the conflict reaches its climax and the bride and her father storm off, Daphne finds Drue despondent in her room where she discloses the reason for her father's outburst: Drue's parents are divorcing and the extravagant spending for the wedding is a spiteful attack by her mother to leave her father in financial ruin.

Leaving her friend to rest and recuperate for the night, Daphne turns her focus back to the budding relationship with Nick. Her bliss is short lived however, when on the morning of Drue's lavish nuptials, Daphne discovers the body of her friend floating in the beach house hot tub.

What began as a fairy tale wedding quickly turns into a tangled web of lies and deceit in which Daphne finds herself searching for clues to solve the mystery behind her friend's sad fate. In a time where life is cropped, edited and filtered and presented online in perfect, enviable packages, social media guru Daphne quickly learns that not everything is as it seems.