Nationally known entertainers, improvised facilities and heavy entries in the livestock, home economics and arts and crafts divisions are expected to help attract large crowds to the four-day Washington Town and Country Fair.

The three-way contest for nomination for county court judge in Franklin County went right up to the wire before they were decided. On the Democratic ticket, E.J. (Dutch) Hollenberg defeated Woodrow W. Anderson in the second district by only 19 votes.

Washington is destined to become one of the most photographed towns in the country this coming October, and what’s more, the news and magazine photographers will be among the best in the world.

Republican Christopher Kit Bond stormed to an impressive victory in his Franklin County quest for the nomination for governor. Bond’s Democratic opponent, Edward L. Dowd, also won by a substantial margin.

Dutzow soured a run in the bottom of the tenth inning Sunday afternoon to defeat the Washington Buds, 3-2, on the winner’s diamond. The loss dropped the Buds further into second place in the Four Rivers Semi-Pro League standings at 8-3.