Jeffrey Weinhaus

Weinhaus a.k.a. Bulletinman

Three days have been set aside next week for the jury trial of Jeffrey Weinhaus, the Franklin County man wounded last year in an armed confrontation with two Missouri Highway Patrol troopers.

The Weinhaus trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday morning before retired Circuit Judge Keith Sutherland. It is expected to conclude Thursday, Oct. 10.

Weinhaus, who operated an antigovernment website and previously published a newspaper called the “Bulletinman,” is charged with multiple felony counts stemming from the Sept. 11, 2012, confrontation south of St. Clair.

Sheriff Gary Toelke said while his department has not heard of any “threats” that could pose problems at the trial, he anticipates there will be more law enforcement personnel there due to the nature of the case.

He said Weinhaus and others have been inviting his supporters to attend the trial.

“We don’t know how many people actually will show up,” Toelke remarked. But he said if the number of spectators exceeds the building code limit, those standing would be asked to leave.

Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks said the jury will be chosen from a pool of 65 citizens.

Weinhaus has been held in the county jail since last November after he was released from the hospital.

Authorities last year were investigating alleged threats made by Weinhaus against judicial and law enforcement officials in Crawford County.

That investigation culminated in the confrontation at the MFA Station on Highway K south of St. Clair when two highway patrol investigators shot Weinhaus several times. The officers allege that they fired when Weinhaus went for a gun.

Weinhaus has denied that he attempted to pull a gun on the officers.

At a bond hearing in January, Weinhaus, during questioning, admitted that when troopers had ordered him to lie down on the ground, he told them they would have to shoot him.

That admission is corroborated in a tape recording said to be made by Weinhaus’ ex-wife during the confrontation. Authorities said Weinhaus was talking on his cellphone at the time.

The Highway Patrol obtained the recording which since has been released on the Internet.

Weinhaus, 46, is charged with interfering with a judicial official for allegedly making threats against Crawford County Judge Kelly Parker, who is identified in the warrant that officers served Weinhaus at his home off Highway K near St. Clair on Aug. 22, 2012.

Weinhaus also is charged with two counts of felony assault on a law enforcement officer, two counts of armed criminal action, felony resisting arrest, a felony drug possession charge and a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana.

He has been held in jail since last November because he hasn’t been able to post the $250,000 bond set in the case.