In ways, it was turn back the clock day in Pacific.

The Pacific Swim Team Pirates hosted the Washington Swim Team Stingrays Monday in a nonconference meet with Washington winning, 313-230.

While both are members of the Gateway Swimming and Diving League, they are in different divisions. Washington is in the Phelps Division while Pacific is in the Manuel Division. Both start league meets next week.

However, the two teams used to be together as members of the old Suburban Swim League Small Division after Pacific started its team in the 1990s.

It also gave many of the swimmers the chance to see good friends in a meet.

“It was a great evening,” Washington Head Coach Tracy Moreland said. “Kathleen (Westfall), Jen (Molitor), Aubrey (Meyer), Lane (Page) and I have worked together as part of the YMCA swimming program. Several of our swimmers are teammates as part of the YMCA FRAY swim team and the Borgia High School swim team. For many it felt like a reunion.”

Westfall is Pacific’s head coach while Molitor, Meyer and Page are Washington assistant coaches.

“Having a family reunion is a fabulous way to start the season,” Westfall said. “It was great seeing all of the coaches and swimmers from Washington.  I have to admit, it was a little strange not cheering for my year round athletes. Between the two teams we had almost the entire roster for the Four Rivers YMCA swim team.”

Moreland said her swimmers were impressive.

“We had many best times and technique improvements,” Moreland said. “The evening gave me a chance to see what we are doing well and opportunities for improvement.”

Westfall said it was a positive start.

“Even though it was the first meet of the season, team records were shattered and best times were achieved,” Westfall said. “The first meet of the season helps us see where each individual swimmer is at, and what we need to focus on. I’m so proud of each and every one of my swimmers. I love seeing their hard work pay off and how much they have improved in just two weeks.”

Moreland said four swimmers stepped up to make it possible for different relay teams to compete.

“I would like to specifically mention four swimmers, Kayley Benhardt, Nevaeh Huff, Madelyn Humphreys and Aiden Van Leer all of whom stepped up and filled spots in our relays,” Moreland said. “Without them, 12 other swimmers would’ve missed out on their relay events. I really appreciate their willingness to help the team.”

Westfall also had four swimmers to praise.

“With Pacific’s first swim meet in the books, the biggest highlight of the night has to go to four 6-Under girls,” Westfall said. “Kaitlyn Bonds, Amelia Ponstingl, Megan Arflack and Sophie Parson, they swam across the pool in their first swim meet ever.  It was truly exciting to watch, I loved every second of their races.”

The meet began with individual medley races.

Washington’s winners were Eva Gaugh, Zach Posinski and Ethan Beers.

Pacific’s winners were Brennan Pfeiffer, Ian Pfeiffer, Brie Brown, Matthew Wamsley and Elizabeth Wamsley.

Taking second for the Stingrays were Isabella Richardson, Aubrie Moreland, Ryan Kluesner, Aspen Nelson and Colton Lewis.

Pacific’s second-place finishers were James Wamsley, Kiersten Person and Dan Wamsley.

Ending third for Washington were Emmalyne Henderson, Matthew Tchiblakian, Bella Hartung, Mikala Brune and Derek Van Booven.

Finishing third for Pacific were Clyde Hendrix and Ainsley Virtudazo.

In the freestyle races, Washington’s winners were Abelin Dieckhaus, Mansfield Mohart, Ellie Williams, Zach Posinski, Aubrie Moreland, Spencer Coates, McKenzie Dohm and Andrew Simily.

Pacific’s winners were Kaitlyn Bonds, Addison Pfeiffer, Brennan Pfeiffer and Ian Pfeiffer.

In the breaststroke, Washington’s winners were Lydia Kopp, Kellan McCormack, Emily McCormack, Maddie Grimes, Maddy Tchiblakian and Mason Kauffeld.

Pacific’s winners were James Wamsley, Will Jett, Livi Lindemann and Nick Wamsley.

Moving to the freestyle relay races, winners were:

• Girls 6-Under — Washington’s team of Lydia Richardson, Rosie McHugh, Grace Rufkahr and Lily McHugh;

• Girls 7-8 — Pacific’s team of Kate Eckelkamp, Kaitlyn Bonds, Ayla Shopinski and Addison Pfeiffer;

• Boys 7-8 — Washington’s team of Kellan McCormack, Harry Benhardt, Porter Allen and Mansfield Mohart;

• Girls 9-10 — Washington’s team of Natalie Kopp, Maddy Henderson, Mia Klak and Nina Klak;

• Boys 9-10 — Pacific’s team of Nolan Hendrix, Issac Van Deven, James Wamsley and Ian Pfeiffer;

• Girls 11-12 — Washington’s team of Ellie Williams, Maddie Grimes, Ava Kauffeld and Eva Gaugh;

• Boys 11-12 —  Pacific’s team of Will Jett, Tommy Grimm Jr, Clyde Hendrix and Dan Wamsley;

• Girls 13-14 — Washington’s team of Maddy Tchiblakian, Abby Loesing, Madi Ridder and Aubrie Moreland;

• Boys 13-14 — Washington’s team of Mason Kauffeld, Richard Hutson, Ryan Kluesner and Spencer Coates;

• Girls 15-18 — Pacific’s team of Anna McNamara, Amanda Virtudazo, Livi Lindemann and Elizabeth Wamsley; and

• Boys 15-18 — Washington’s team of Connor Kriete, Ethan Beers, Derek Van Booven and Andrew Simily.

Moving to the backstroke, Washington’s winners were Lily McHugh, Charley Smith, Lydia Kopp, Mansfield Mohart, Nina Klak, Eva Gaugh, Aidan Brinkmann and Mason Kauffeld.

Pacific’s winners were Ian Pfeiffer, Brie Brown, Elizabeth Wamsley and Nick Wamsley.

In the butterfly event, Washington’s winners were Lily McHugh, Lydia Kopp, Mansfield Mohart, Eva Gaugh, Zach Posinski and Mason Kauffeld.

Winning for Pacific were Brennan Pfeiffer, Nolan Hendrix, Brie Brown, Elizabeth Wamsley and Nick Wamsley.

The meet concluded with the with the medley relay races. Winning teams were:

• Girls 8-Under ­— Pacific’s team of Ayla Shopinski, Addison Pfeiffer, Kate Eckelkamp and Kaitlyn Bonds;

• Boys 8-Under — Pacific’s team (names not provided);

• Girls 9-10 — Washington’s team of Averie Allen, Emily McCormack, Maddy Henderson and Nina Klak;

• Boys 9-10 — Pacific’s team of Ian Pfeiffer, James Wamsley, Nolan Hendrix and Issac Van Deven;

• Girls 11-12 — Washington’s team of Kaylee Benhardt, Zoey Ziegler, Ava Kauffeld and Lannea Johnson;

• Boys 11-12 — Pacific’s team of Clyde Hendrix, Will Jett, Dan Wamsley and Tommy Grimm Jr.;

• Girls 13-14 — Washington’s team of Aubrie Moreland, Maddy Tchiblakian, Charise Kluba and Abby Loesing;

• Boys 13-14 — Washington’s team of Spencer Coates, Mason Kauffeld, Ryan Kluesner and Evan Roellig;

• Girls 15-18 — Pacific’s team of Amanda Virtudazo, Elizabeth Wamsley, Livi Lindemann and Anna McNamara; and

• Boys 15-18 — Washington’s team of Ethan Beers, Colton Lewis, Andrew Simily and Connor Kriete.