Washington Swim Team Wins

Landon McCabe of the Washington Swim Team competes.

Bill Battle

Returning to home waters was just what the Washington Swim Team needed to earn its first dual meet win over the season.

Washington (1-2) defeated Chesterfield Farms by a 393-162 final score to triumph for the first time this season.

“The meet went great,” Head Coach Jennifer Alferman-Molitor said. “The kids did amazing and they were very excited about our first win of the season. We worked very hard to fix the mistakes that hurt us the last few meets and it paid off.”

Washington had been close to winning in its first two meets. Washington opened the season with a 291-243 loss to Cherry Hills and followed with a 279-250 loss to Chadwick.

Washington remains home next Monday, hosting Bridle Creek in a 5:30 p.m. meet.

Prior to the meet, Washington honored the memory of longtime Head Coach Robyn Greer, who passed away in the offseason.

“We were also very glad to have an opportunity to pay tribute to Coach Robyn and to have her family with us for our first home meet without her,” Alferman-Molitor said.

Due to pool length, the teams did not swim individual medley races. However, fans were treated to a double helping of freestyle races.

The first eight races were double the normal length.

In the 9-10 age division, Aubrie Moreland won the girls race while Gabrielle Mattli was third. Ryan Hoerstkamp and Spencer Coates finished second and third in the boys 50-meter event.

The 11-12 and older divisions swam 100 meters.

Washington’s winners were Lily Harrell, Robert Halsted, Connor Kriete, Emily Moreland and Michael Matthews.

Stingrays taking second were McKenzie Dohm, Louie Eckelkamp, Emily Reuwer, Nick Sikes and Tara Nolkemper.

Placing third were Sarah Eckelkamp and Squire Holt.

In the regular-length freestyle races, Washington’s winners in scoring heats were Alexis Perriman, Ryan Hoerstkamp, Claire Van Biljon, Robert Hasted, Robert Weirich, Cassandra Halsted and Michael Matthews.

In the breaststroke races, Washington’s winners were Dani Benhardt, Natalie Alferman, Mason Kimminau, Abby Lynn, Derek Van Booven, Hannah Whitacre, Tara Nolkemper and Michael Finck.

In the freestyle relay races, Washington’s winners were:

• Girls 6-Under team of Nina Klak, Hannah Schneider, Isabella Richardson and Maddy Henderson;

• Girls 7-8 team of Natalie Alferman, Ava Kauffeld, Maddie Grimes and Avari Archer;

• Girls 9-10 team of Avery Lackey, Gabrielle Mattli, Aubrie Moreland and Madeline Dowil;

• Boys 9-10 team of Max Grimes, Ryan Hoerstkamp, Spencer Coates and Mason Kauffeld;

• Girls 11-12 team of Lily Harrell, Claire Van Biljon, McKenzie Dohm and Claire Ayers;

• Boys 11-12 team of Robert Halsted, Louie Eckelkamp, Caleb Haas and Derek Van Booven;

• Girls 13-14 team of Sarah Eckelkamp, Emily Reuwer, Hannah Whitacre and Kacie Huxol;

• Boys 13-14 team of Robert Weirich, Connor Kriete, Nick Sikes and Trevor Brauer;

• Girls 15-18 team of Cassandra Halsted, Emily Moreland, Tara Nolkemper and Olivia Haddox; and

• Boys 15-18 team of Billy Briggs, Michael Matthews, Squire Holt and Michael Finck.

In the backstroke races, Washington’s winners were Nina Klak, Jake Posinski, Kinsey Kamper, Aidan Brinkmann, Aubrie Moreland, Spencer Coates, Lily Harrell, Caleb Haas, Nick Sikes, Emily Moreland and Max Blackmur.

In the butterfly races, Washington’s top finishers in scoring races were Maddy Henderson, Maddie Grimes, Aubrie Moreland, Ryan Hoerstkamp, Lily Harrell, Robert Halsted, Connor Kriete, Emily Moreland and Michael Matthews.

The meet concluded with medley relay races. Washington’s winners were:

• Girls 8-Under team of Kinsey Kamper, Kaylee Benhardt, Maddy Henderson and Jaelee Heien;

• Boys 9-10 team of Mason Kauffeld, Spencer Coates, Ryan Hoerstkamp and Max Grimes;

• Girls 11-12 team of Lily Harrell, Abby Lynn, Claire Van Biljon and McKenzie Dohm;

• Boys 11-12 team of Caleb Haas, Derek Van Booven, Robert Halsted and Louie Eckelkamp;

• Girls 13-14 team of Hannah Whitacre, Alyssa Blomberg, Sarah Eckelkamp and Emily Reuwer;

• Boys 13-14 team of Nick Sikes, Trevor Brauer, Robert Weirich and Connor Kriete;

• Girls 15-18 team of Emily Moreland, Olivia Haddox, Cassandra Halsted and Tara Nolkemper; and

• Boys 15-18 team of Michael Finck, Squire Holt, Michael Matthews and Max Blackmur.