A fresh start.

Another chance.

A new beginning.

One final run.

All are ways to describe the fall sports season.

And while it may be hard to believe, the fall sports season is now upon us. Summer break is over, practices have begun, team pictures have been taken, coaches have been interviewed, school is starting and the games that actually count are set to begin.

It’s a great time of year. For student-athletes, the fall sports season is an opportunity to shine.

Each team and every athlete has their own story this fall.

For those student-athletes who are beginning their senior seasons, this is it.

It’s time for one final run. That realization has likely set in or it will soon. This is their final fall sports season, whether they play football, volleyball or one of the other offerings. It will go by fast and you don’t get your senior year back.

So with that seniors, make the most of your final fall sports season. Enjoy every practice, every bus ride and every game with your teammates and coaches on your final journey through the fall sports season.

While the seniors hope to go out with a memorable season, the fall sports season is also a time for the younger athletes or newcomers to get their chance to shine.

For the newcomers, the season is one of firsts and is also an opportunity to make a name for themselves at a higher level. For those who have only played at the JV, freshman or middle school level, the new season is about stepping up to the next level. They’ll be testing themselves against older and more experienced athletes this season.

And of course, for those athletes who missed time last year due to an injury, the fall sports season is about redemption and second chances. It’s always tough to see student-athletes get injured and then see them unable to participate in the sport they love. But for those coming back from an injury, the new season is a chance to make up for lost time.

For coaches, the fall sports season can be about a fresh start.

Some seasons are memorable and others are ones to forget. Whether they’ve had to deal with injuries, lack of numbers or just a down year as far as talent, coaches can get pretty stressed out during a tough season. But each fall, coaches seem to be re-energized and optimistic once again. And those coaches who had a successful season the year before and have a good group back, they’ve been waiting all summer for the season to begin in anticipation of a year to remember. Other coaches are in new jobs this fall, and with that, they’re embarking on a new beginning.

So whether you’re a senior or a freshman, whether you’re coming back from an injury or just stepping up to a higher level, or if you’re an old coach or a new coach, make the most of the journey that is the fall sports season.

Good luck to all area teams.