A stellar pitching performance is wasted.

Runners on base are stranded due to a lack of clutch hitting.

Matt Carpenter watches strike three go right past and Matt Holliday hits into a double play.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen these things happen way too many times when watching the St. Louis Cardinals this season.

Despite a few nice wins in the last week or so, it’s been frustrating to watch the Cardinals thus far.

I’m sure many of you would agree with that assessment. Simply put, the season hasn’t gone as planned just yet. And at times, this year’s team just hasn’t been very fun to watch.

The Cards don’t look anything like a team that was regarded as a favorite to get back to the World Series.

And now we get the news that Michael Wacha and Jaime Garcia are both going on the disabled list. The disappointing news came just when it looked like the Cardinals were starting to come around a bit.

Pitching hasn’t been the issue.

In fact, the team’s pitching staff has been stellar all season. Last week the starting pitching staff still had a combined ERA of around 3.00. That’s the best this late in the season for the franchise since the 1960s. The pitching staff went six-straight games allowing two runs or less. They also have four complete games. With that, the team’s pitching staff has been carrying the team thus far. Of course, Adam Wainwright has been amazing.

More help is on the way when Joe Kelly returns to the rotation. Now, additional help will be needed to replace Wacha and Garcia.

While the team’s pitching has been great, the team’s offense has struggled for large parts of the season. That’s been the most frustrating thing to watch. I don’t know how many games I’ve watched and the Cards have only put up one or two runs. They’re not giving their pitchers much run support.

They’ll have singles here and there — and that’s it. The extra-base hits are way down from recent years and the Cards just aren’t getting it done with runners in scoring position. They’re not getting the clutch hits this year. It’s been hard to figure out.

Recently, the middle of the lineup has been a bit more productive, especially Matt Adams. The bats have gotten hotter and the Cards ended their recent homestand with a couple of nice wins over the Phillies.

Hopefully, better things are ahead.

Like many of you, I’ve been a diehard Cardinal fan for as long as I can remember. I’m a loyal fan, whether they’re winning or losing.

But I admit this year’s team has been frustrating to follow.

Let’s hope better things are coming in the months ahead.

The postseason has become a regular occurrence for the Cards and their fans. What will we do this year if they’re not playing in October?

On the other side of the state, the Kansas City Royals just had a 10-game winning streak. Yes, you read that correctly. The Royals won 10-straight games. That’s the best streak their franchise has had since 1994.

We’ll see if the Royals can continue to play good baseball. I’m not sold just yet. Like Chicago Cubs fans, Kansas City fans always seem to be saying, “Wait until next year.”

Is this finally their year? Will the Royals make the playoffs this year, ending a long drought? We’ll see.

I know one thing’s for sure. If the Royals make the playoffs and the Cardinals don’t, Kansas City fans are going to be doing a lot of trash talking.

Only time will tell. Hopefully the Cards will break out of their funk soon with a hot streak.

And when that happens, my frustration will finally end, too.