Competing in the Gateway Swimming and Diving League Spitz Division Championship Meet, the Union Swim Team Squids brought home fourth place.

Washington won the event, held July 13 in Pacific, with 2,727.5 points.

Oaks Landing was second with 2,053 points while Pacific placed third at 1,659 points.

Union scored 1,547 points to take fourth and Villages of Cherry Hills was fifth at 1,110.5 points.

Coach Kate Schroeder called the championship meet the best one of the season for Union.

“I would say our team highlight was conference,” Schroeder said. “All our swimmers did a great job working toward swimming their best at that meet.”

Union’s individual event winners were:

• Wyatt Bobo (individual medley, freestyle and backstroke); 

• Regan Molitor (freestyle and butterfly);

• Eddie Weber (breaststroke); 

• Daphne Lindemann (breaststroke); 

• Eddie Weber (butterfly).

Squids taking second place were:

• Eddie Weber (freestyle); 

• Todd Bobo (freestyle); 

• Nick Haberberger (breaststroke and butterfly); 

• Kennedy Melton (backstroke); and 

• Chris Melton (backstroke). 

Third-place Union swimmers were:

• Kate Haberberger (individual medley and backstroke); 

• Andrew Haberberger (individual medley); 

• Katie Melton (freestyle);

• Walt Bobo (breaststroke); 

• Ryan Webb (breaststroke);

• Regan Molitor (backstroke); and 

• Todd Bobo (backstroke).

Swimmers finishing 12th or higher in each event scored points.

Finishing fourth were Raegan Rice (twice), Nick Haberberger, Katie Melton (twice), Chase Jensen, Chris Luckner, Will Weber (twice), Mikayla Weber, William Melton, Ivana Smith and Todd Bobo. 

Taking fifth were Mikayla Weber (twice), Kennedy Melton (twice), Andrew Haberberger (twice), Bella Weber, Chase Jensen, Victoria Webb, Hunter Smith, Tyson Schrader and Kate Haberberger.

Swimming to sixth were Will Weber, Hunter Smith, Bella Weber, William Melton, Trisatan Fusco, Tom Crane and Raegan Rice. 

Squids securing seventh were Isaiah Smith, Daphne Lindemann and Emma Weber (twice). 

Earning eighth were Trisatan Fusco, Hunter Smith, Tyson Schrader, Tom Crane, Walt Bobo, Ryan Webb and Caleb Linton.

Netting ninth were Ryan Webb, Tom Crane, Daphne Lindemann and Tristen Mosher.

Scoring for 10th were Victoria Webb and Rebecca Cash. 

Ending 11th were Rebecca Cash, Sadie Mueller, Emma Weber, Victoria Webb, Caleb Linton and Bree Gerdel.

Gaining points for 12th were Bree Gerdel, Tavyn Collins, Dakoda Wayne and Sadie Mueller.

For relay finishes, some teams have more than four swimmers listed, thus the list includes alternates. 

Union had one relay winner. The boys 11-12 medley team of Trisatan Fusco, Will Weber, Nick Haberberger and Ryan Webb captured its race.

Union’s second-place relay teams were:

• Boys 11-12 freestyle team of Ryan Webb, Trisatan Fusco, Will Weber and Nick Haberberger;

• Girls 13-14 team of Mikayla Weber, Reagan Rice, Victoria Webb, Katie Melton and Abbie Collins;

• Boys 15-18 team of Hunter Smith, Todd Bobo, Wyatt Bobo, Andrew Haberberger and Tyson Schrader;

• Girls 13-14 medley team of Raegan Rice, Mikayla Weber, Katie Melton, Victoria Webb and Abbie Collins; and

• Boys 15-18 medley team of Wyatt Bobo, Andrew Haberberger, Todd Bobo, Hunter Smith and Tyson Schrader.