Pacific baseball posted a 1-1 preseason record Saturday at Vianney.

The Indians scrimmaged to a 7-5 loss against Parkway South and then a 5-4 win against Vianney in the four-inning scrimmages.

Pacific senior ace Jobe Courtney toed the rubber to open the first scrimmage.

“Jobe Courtney pitched the first two innings and looked really good,” Head Coach Jeff Reed said. “Jobe has been working hard this winter. He had been going a couple (of) days a week and working with former Pacific Indian Adam Jahnsen. He owns ACE Pitching Academy and is located in the Balls-N-Strikes building in Chesterfield.”

Pacific had a delayed start to team practices this season after the boys basketball team played into the postseason until Tuesday. Seven members of the team also played basketball.

“After the second (inning) our pitchers struggled a little to find the zone and we made a couple of errors on line drives that should be caught balls,” Reed said. “Think that has a lot to do with not being outside and getting a lot of reps.”

The delayed start to practices also impacted the timing for the Indians’ batters.

“We haven’t gotten to see a lot of live arms off the mound, so our hitters struggled a little bit that first game,” Reed said. “Plus we had seven basketball players just getting back to us from their awesome run this season. Six of those guys were in the lineup somewhere in both games. So, they haven’t gotten a lot of reps in or a lot of hitting in yet.”

Pitching was again a strength in the second contest against Vianney.

“(We) limited the walks and played much better defense,” Reed said. “That was something we talked about after the game. We didn’t give them any extra outs or any free bases and good things happened. We threw strikes and let our defense play.”

Courtney recorded two hits in the second outing, combined with timely base hits by Mason Fleming and Gavin Racer.

“We just looked a lot better in the second scrimmage,” Reed said. “Had some guys in new positions and was very happy with what we saw. A lot more communication in the second game.”

The Indians open the season in the weeklong Four Rivers Classic, which begins Friday. Pacific joins Wright City and Hermann in Pool B of the tournament.

“Just think the first few games give us a chance to see where we are at and what we still need to work on,” Reed said “We will continue to move some guys around until we find that fit that will make us better. Something we have is a little depth. Where if someone isn’t getting it done, there’s somebody waiting to try and take your spot.”

Pacific hosts Wright City in the first spate of games Friday at 4:30 p.m.