Making up for lost time, the Pacific Dive Team got the chance to compete in its second dual meet Saturday at Missouri Athletic Club West.

MAC defeated Pacific in the meet, 32-19.

The meet originally was scheduled for Pacific June 15, but bad weather forced organizers to delay it.

In Saturday’s meet, Pacific had two division winners.

Emily Bell won the girls 15-18 with a score of 157.4.

Lyla Lloyd was the girls 11-12 winner at 78.75.

Three other Pacific divers placed second.

Addy Vessells was second in the 9-10 girls with a score of 65.25.

Ilana Reeder placed second in the 11-12 girls division at 63.0.

Grant Vessells was second in the 11-12 boys event with a score of 67.0.

MAC West won five divisions. Jillian Lawler was the 8-Under girls winner at 51.15. Grayson Milne won the 8-Under boys event at 45.8.

Ella Stewart was the 9-10 girls winner with a score of 84.15.

Wynn O’Keefe won the 11-12 boys event with a score of 77.2. Libby Denkhoff captured the girls 13-14 division at 111.79.

Second-place divers for MAC West were Ella Claus (8-Under girls) and Fletch Davis (8-Under boys). Lilly Claus was third in the 9-10 girls.

The championship meet is scheduled for Cool Dell Sunday at 7:30 a.m.