The final Motor Sports Arena event of the 2019 Washington Town & Country Fair, Stadium Motocross, took place Sunday.

There were 19 classes for this year’s event. Two races had one rider.

Following are race results by class. Hometowns were not provided this year.

• 250cc Expert A — Jace Owens won the title with Lance Kobusch taking second. Third place went to Travis Sewell with Cody Vanbuskirk and Michael Hicks following.

• 250cc Intermediate B — Cole Cracchiolo won with Jeff Oberkfell taking second. Randy Thomas was third with Austin Goeken and Ryan Parks rounding out the top 5.

• 250cc Novice C — Dusty Gatzemeyer took the checkered flag in front of Joseph Wegrzyn. Joshua Johnson was third with Robert Newton fourth and Jacob Pelster fifth.

• 50cc 4-6 — Eli Rhives was the champion, followed by Austin Ballman, Ryder Hudson, Ryder Brower and Jamie Witzig.

• 50cc 7-8 — Jackson Potashnick won the main event with Tiago Gross taking second. Wiley Rhives was third with Trayton Reiger and Clayton Jones following.

• 50cc Open — Tiago Gross won the title with Clayton Jones ending second. Jackson Potashnick was third with Trayton Reiger and Jhett Lewis following.

• 65cc 10-11 — Grant Anderson won with Eli Shaver ending second as two riders finished.

• 65cc 7-9 — Cole Betts captured the title with Jackson Potashnick ending second. Wiley Rhives placed third with Clayton Betts and Trayton Reiger rounding out the top five.

• 65cc Open — Ely Gross won the title with Cole Betts second, Jackson Potashnick third, Eli Shaver fourth and Clayton Betts fifth.

• 85cc 12-15 — Caleb Betts won and was the only finisher.

• 85cc 9-11 — Ace Enloe captured the title with Ely Gross, Grant Anderson and Sean Dixon securing the next spots.

• 85cc Open — Ace Enloe beat Ely Gross to the finish line and those were the only finishers.

• Motorcycle Beginner — Justin Schmitz was the first one to the flag with Bailey Zack taking second. Riley Dickerson ended third with Jace Backs and Dylan Barker rounding out the top five.

• Open Expert A — Jace Owens captured the title with Chase Marquier finishing second. Kyle Hussey was third with Lance Kobusch and Travis Sewell rounding out the top five.

• Open Intermediate B — Cole Cracchiolo was the champion with Ryan Parks and Ben Martin securing the next two spots.

• Open Novice C — The winner was Joseph Wegrzyn. Donny Crangle was second with Jacob Pelster, Jake Price and Jeremy Brinker capturing the rest of the top five spots.

• Plus 25 A — Kyle Hussey won the race with the Gulley brothers, Aaron and Adam, taking the next two spots. Max Friese was fourth.

• Supermini (12-16) — Caleb Bates was the winner and the only finisher.

• Youth Beginner — Andru Atchison won the feature race with Tanier Huffles taking second and Gracen Kirklin finishing third. Ellie Gray was the fourth-place finisher.