Two winners were crowned Wednesday night at the Washington Town and Country Fair Bull Riding event.

Mason Lowe won the event title, achieving two full rides during the event. He scored 83 during the long program and 86 during the short program. Lowe was the only competitor to stay on for the full time during the short program.

Ryan Miller was presented the award for winning the Outlaw Productions Bull Riding Series season title. Miller qualified for the short program after achieving a full ride for a score of 85.5 during the long program.

During the long program, only five riders were able to achieve rides lasting the full time. They were:

• Lowe with a score of 83;

• Michael Jeffers with a score of 81;

• Miller with a score of 85.5;

• Cole Fischer with a score of 80; and

• Ben Farrell with a score of 73.

All five advanced to the short program. Lowe went third, but he was given a re-ride and he achieved his full ride score of 86 on that attempt.

Miller had the final ride, but was unable to stay on for the entire time.

The Bull Riding event was produced by Outlaw Rodeo Productions, sanctioned by the National Federation of Professional Bullriders and sponsored by Dickey Bub Farm & Home.