Hello, Missourian readers.

My name is Jeremy Housewright.

I’m happy to be the new Washington Missourian sports writer. After a few years out of the newspaper industry, I’m glad to be back.

I graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a journalism degree in 2005. From there, I took a job with the Waterloo Republic-Times newspaper as a sports editor. I worked there for two years covering high school and college sports. While I left the newspaper business to go into teaching in 2008, I’ve missed writing on a daily basis. I reviewed movies, concerts, as well as interviewing musicians and entertainers for websites. I have also done some freelancing for the Belleville News-Democrat while teaching, but I missed being in the business full time, so I’m happy to be back doing what I love.

I live in St. Clair with my wife, Sarah. I grew up in Columbia, Ill., and have spent all of my life in the St. Louis area.

So, you would think I’m an avid Cardinals baseball fan. I hate to break it to you, but I’m actually a Kansas City Royals fan. It’s nice to actually have a baseball team to root for this October. It’s been a long, long time since I had a reason to watch baseball in October. Win or lose, I know the Royals have made baseball in Kansas City relevant, once again. Being a Royals fan, George Brett is my favorite player of all time.

While the Royals are my baseball team, my favorite sport is football. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fanatic. I have been a season ticket holder for eight years and been a lifelong fan of the Chiefs. I’m even one of the heads of the St. Louis Chiefs Fan Club. We meet at Weber’s Front Row in Webster Groves every Sunday for game watch parties. We’ve grown from just a group of five guys to nearly 120 rabid Chiefs fans. I have no problem announcing my allegiance to the Chiefs, as my entire basement is filled with signed jerseys and photos that I have collected throughout the years. It’s even painted red and yellow, the Chiefs colors. It’s a Chiefs fans paradise.

Arrowhead Stadium is probably my favorite place on earth. Now, I don’t paint my face or wear spiked shoulder pads like some fans, but I am one of the 70,000 fans who will stand the entire game, beat the seat in front of me, and yell until I have no voice. I am proud to say I was in attendance a few weeks ago when Arrowhead Stadium, once again, became the loudest stadium in the world.

While being a diehard Chiefs fan, I also have quite the passion for Notre Dame football. And yes, I’m still fuming over the bogus penalty call in the Florida State game. The Fighting Irish are the only college team that I will watch in my home on Saturdays. I’ve seen the movie “Rudy” hundreds of times and I still tear up in the end.

As far as college basketball goes, I’m a Kansas Jayhawks fan. As a former basketball coach, I think Bill Self is the greatest coach alive. I’ve also been fortunate enough to see a few games in Lawrence and it’s amazing. Being in Mizzou territory, I am fairly quiet about my allegiance to KU.

While most of the teams I support are not in state, there is one local team I love. The St. Louis Blues. I am a huge Blues Hockey fan, and I do believe that the Blues will one day hoist the Stanley Cup Trophy.

When not covering a game in the community, or watching one for entertainment, I enjoy spending time with my wife, watching movies, listening to music or reading.

In closing, if you see me out at a game, feel free to come up and talk a little sports with me. I’m a sucker for good conversation. I can be reached at 636-390-3042, or follow me on Twitter at @jhousesports. Hope to see you at the game!