A total of 43 Four Rivers Conference boys basketball players were named to the 2017-2018 academic all-conference team.

Leading the way in the number of selections was Pacific with eight players:

• Trey Boyer;

• Joey Casey;

• Mason Fleming;

• Tom Hennessy;

• Nick Hoerschler;

• Ryan Sauvage;

• Matt Strong; and

• Cameron VanLeer.

New Haven and Hermann each has seven players qualify for the all-academic team.

From New Haven, the seven were:

• Aiden Bailey;

• Jay Eichelberger;

• Luke Gerlemann;

• Ethan Groner;

• Martin Lewis;

• Abe Madden; and

• Joseph Rethemeyer.

The seven from Hermann includes:

• Carter Hemeyer;

• Sam Holland;

• Chase McKague;

• Chet Moeckli;

• Aaron Overkamp;

• Andrew Schannuth; and

• Rhet Scheldegger.

Sullivan had five players qualify:

• Jacob Hatcher;

• Landon Hoffman;

• Cody McKinney;

• Caleb Todd; and

• Josh Wiese.

Owensville likewise qualified five players for the all-academic squad:

• Trevor Abernathy;

• Jay Copeland;

• Michael Lahneyer;

• Seth Mayberry; and

• Tony Terry Jr.

Union had four players selected for the honor:

• Blake Dickinson;

• Trevor Kelly;

• Caleb Mabe; and

• Wil Strubberg.

St. James had four players qualify as well:

• Ryan Harlan;

• Carter Keeney;

• Mason Parker; and

• Ty Uffmann.

Three players from St. Clair made the squad:

• Calvin Henry;

• Timmy Hoffman; and

• Michael Hughes.