Truck and tractor pulling dominated the Motor Sports Arena Friday afternoon and night at the Washington Town and Country Fair.

In the field class tractor pulling, there were 56 entries in six classes. Despite heavy rain Thursday and a delay, the event went on.

In Class A (0-6,000 pounds, 60 horsepower, 15x38 tire size), Loren Unger was the winner with a top pull of 229.10 feet.

Second place went to Dean Jasper at 225.80 while Brian Ley was third at 223. Nick Gerling took fourth at 222.5 while Ray Tucker rounded out the top five at 220.7 feet.

Unger doubled by winning Class B (6,001-7,500 pounds, 75 horsepower, 16.9x38 tire size) with a top pull of 259.60 feet.

Ben Geisert was the runner-up at 242.20 feet. Ron Gerlemann took third at 230.90 feet with Bryahna Steinbeck taking fourth at 229.50 feet. Bob Gerling was fifth at 228.94 feet.

In Class 3 (7,501-9,500 pounds, 95 horsepower, 18.4x38 tires), Dale Borcherding was the winner with a pull of 252.06 feet.

Mike Schwoeppe was second at 251.29 feet with Curtis Kloppe checking in at third with a pull of 250.26 feet. Dustin Teneyck was fourth at 248.63 and Jake Borcherding was fifth at 248.12.

In Class D (9,501-11,500 pounds, 125 horsepower, 20.8x38 tire size), Dewaune Blaue was the winner at 283.57. Second place went to Hannah Pehle at 249.60. Brian Ley was third at 249.14 with Nathan Hellmann taking fourth at 233.17. Mark Amelung rounded out the top five at 201.35 feet.

Bob Ley was the winner in Class E (11,501-13,500 pounds, 155 horsepower, 20.8x42 tire size) with a pull of 252.11 feet.

Troy Blaue took second at 252.06 with Dale Borcherding earning third at 251.49. Mike Hilkerbaumer was fourth at 250.78 while Seth Kloppe took fifth at 249.24 feet.

Class F (13,501-17,000 pounds, 180 horsepower, 24.5x42 tire size) was won by John Busch with the top pull of 264.59 feet.

Andrew Huellinghoff was second at 261.47 feet with Justin Kessler taking third at 254.97. Fourth place went to Jason Kessler at 249.91 and Ryan Huellinghoff rounded out the top five at 241.51 feet.