Taking on Heritage Classical Christian, the Crosspoint Christian School basketball teams posted a sweep Friday.

Crosspoint’s boys (13-1) won, 49-18. The Crosspoint girls (5-9) snapped a losing streak with a 35-27 victory.


Crosspoint sealed the result with a 23-2 first quarter. It was 30-8 at the half and 41-14 after three quarters.

Sam Coons led the way with 10 points and added five rebounds and three steals.

AJ Nantz netted nine points with seven rebounds, three assists and a blocked shot.

Clay Williams scored six points with three rebounds, two assists and two steals.

Nate Davis scored five points with five rebounds, three assists and a steal. Isaiah Weible netted five points with two steals and a rebound.

Luke Aholt was next with four points, three rebounds, a blocked shot and a steal.

Jonathan Aholt added two points, two rebounds and a steal.

Isaac Thomas added two steals.


Heritage led 7-6 after one quarter, but Crosspoint dominated the second quarter to lead 18-9 at the half. It was 27-21 for Crosspoint through three quarters.

Head Coach Eric Winslow missed the game due to a death in the family. Last year’s head coach, Leigh Howard, and her husband Erik (an assistant coach with the boys), led the team in the game.

“The girls played very well together as a team Friday night against Heritage Classical,” Leigh Howard said. “We started the game with a 2-1-2 zone defense, but quickly realized we needed to adjust, as it was allowing Heritage too many open shots in the 15-foot range.  Erik and I decided to try a 3-2 zone, which was a fairly new defense for them, but they executed it well and it helped close the gaps on the floor.”

Sara Blackburn led Crosspoint in scoring and rebounding with 15 points and 22 rebounds. She also had four assists and three steals and went 9-11 from the free-throw line.

Emily Bratch scored 10 points with four rebounds and four steals.

Rachel Smith contributed six points with one steal.

Elaina Carson and Hannah Knudsvig each scored two points. Carson had two rebounds. Knudsvig added four rebounds, three steals and an assist.

Trinity Smith contributed five rebounds and a steal.

“Heritage pressed on and off throughout the game, mainly in the second half,” Howard said.  “The girls did a great job of moving the ball down the floor to break the press. We were right with Heritage during the first quarter and, by halftime, had pulled away. However, Heritage began to catch up to us in the third quarter, coming to within six points.  The girls held them off and eventually pulled away a little more by the end.”

Howard said the team’s depth was tested.

“We started to get a little concerned about fouls in the third quarter,” Howard said. “Sara and Rachel both had three and Hannah had four. Hannah came in one minute into the fourth quarter and finished the game without fouling out. She did an excellent job of playing great defense and being aggressive, but without fouling.”