Last year, it was Lucy Urban sweeping the Washington Town & Country Fair Garden Tractor Pulling classes.

This year, the champion was Cole Shaw.

Shaw claimed both Class 1 (factory stock up to 20 HP, air-cooled engines, 3,800 RPMS, 1,050x23x12 tires and 1,150 pounds) and Class 2 (Up to 8 HP, 1,000 pounds). Both classes have an age restriction of 16 or younger.

Shaw’s distance  of 229.71 feet in Class 1 was one of the longest pulls in years and was 106.54 feet beyond runner-up Ethan Boland.

In Class 2, only three of the four pullers had successful pulls with Shaw’s distance of 126.50 feet winning by 18.06 feet over runner-up Trinity Cox.

Numbers were down this year as there were five attempts in Class 1 and four in Class 2. Last year, there were nine Class 1 pullers, five in Class 2 and four exhibition pulls.

In 2017, there were six pulls in each class.

Shaw won Class 1 with Ethan Boland finishing second at 123.17 feet.

Third place went to Maddie Kluesner, who went 115.00 feet on her second pull. She turned down the event’s opening pull of 117.24 feet as the option puller.

Earning fourth place was Adam Kassebaum at 99.85 feet.

Ryan Kassebaum was fifth at 73.26 feet.

In Class 2, Shaw was the winner at 126.50 feet and Cox was second at 108.44 feet.

Third place went to Dylan Boland at 97.23 feet.

Ryan Kassebaum did not get an official pull.

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