Borgia is hosting a four-team football jamboree Friday 7 p.m. start time. Cost is $5 per person.

Teams competing in the jamboree are host Borgia, Washington, Cardinal Ritter and Miller Career. Two scrimmages will be held simultaneously, as teams will play on each half of the field. Each team will run 12 offensive plays and then play defense for 12 plays .

Borgia Coach Dale Gildehaus said he always looks forward to the jamboree.

“The evening goes by very quick with just a total of 36 offensive plays and 36 defensive plays,” Gildehaus said. “You try to get your young kids in but you don’t have much time.  This jamboree gives each school a chance to see what kids will win the starting job for next week’s opener plus how much depth you have at each position. It also can show us how much we have improved since our June camp. The jamboree is not about winning. It’s more about what areas we need to work on. After going against one another it will be nice to go against some very good competition.”

The night’s first scrimmages will feature Washington and Cardinal Ritter, with Borgia and Miller Career meeting at the same time. Washington and Miller Career will then scrimmage, with Borgia and Cardinal Ritter meeting. Miller and Cardinal Ritter will face off in the third scrimmage while Washington and Borgia also meet in the final scrimmage of the evening.

Gildehaus noted that the Borgia vs. Washington scrimmage is one the fans of both teams always get excited about. “The kids love to play against Washington and the Washington kids feel the same,” he said.