All too often, all we hear about is the negative in sports.

The big media outlets have plenty about athletic misconduct, from violating the rules of their sports to the laws of society.

That’s the great thing about community journalism. We can give attention to the good things which happen in sports.

Trust me, just because our main coverage focus is on local high school sports doesn’t mean there aren’t negatives. I’ve seen plenty of those over the years. I just feel the positives outweigh the negatives.

One of the positives in the spotlight right now is Monday’s Rivals for a Reason softball game between Washington and St. Francis Borgia Regional. Many times, athletic contests between the two schools are highly attended, heavily charged events.

Rivals for a Reason had a good crowd, but none of the one-upsmanship among the fans.

As in other sports, the athletes know each other. Many are neighbors. There’s a mutual respect for each other.

That was evident in the softball game. When Washington’s Allie Huddleston hit a home run in the top of the first, she received a high-five from Borgia second baseman Lindsey Molitor. There is nothing wrong with lauding a good effort.

Last year, when everything was put together, Friends of Kids With Cancer was the beneficiary with Washington’s Paige Babbs and Borgia’s Steph Lindemann in the spotlight.

This year, proceeds went to the United Way, an organization which helps many in the area.

Another great thing was that it’s the players who have organized everything with supervision. It’s the kids taking the initiative to make something positive for everyone.

Is this going to change sporting events around the area? No. You’ll still see themes and cheering sections yelling “we can’t hear you!”

But it’s a notable start. Through events like Rivals for a Reason, you get respect built up between teams and schools. We know the athletes have respect for the opposing teams. Now, if that can be spread to the fans, it might make a massive difference.

Please, keep cheering for your team, but show respect to your fellow fans.