Is there a hex?

Does anyone want to be at the top of the Missourian Area Football Poll?

On this page, you’ll find our fourth poll among area media members this season. In the previous three polls, the team ranked at the top has lost its next game.

And you believe, it’s going to happen again this week.

Holt is projected to beat Washington, 32-21, which should tumble the whole poll again next week.

It’s getting to a point where we need a diagram for the voters to try and untangle everything. And if the voters are having a hard time, imagine how tough it is for the fans?

We started the polls back around 1990 and have run them in different sports as something to generate interest in area sports teams.

The polls have changed in their scope. Schools have been added and sometimes removed from the poll if we can’t find enough information about them. I believe the readers still enjoy seeing them and it fosters a lot of conversation.

Just remember that a poll is a collection of views by different voters, no matter the level. We really won’t have an absolute idea on who really is No. 1 until the end of the season when we can review what happens. It’s sure fun to try and speculate though.

You’re probably not going to see any local teams in the state rankings, done by a committee of media members around the state. They’ve been very careful in separating themselves from the old Missouri Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association polls.

Honestly, we have some decent teams, but not ones worthy enough of Top 10 consideration at the state level right now. I don’t know if that will change by the end of the season. There are some outstanding individual players, but no outstanding teams.

Another feature you see in our paper is the weekly projections. We use and for these numbers.

Give MasseyRatings credit. They pick games from the start of the season. won’t project games until October, after half of the season has finished.

So far, has been 17-9 for the season and went 6-1 (discounting the Borgia game, see below).

Here are the projections for this week.

•Holt 32, Washington 21

•Borgia at St. Mary’s (no projection)

This one is interesting because they had these teams playing each other last week rather than this week. Actually, it’s thrown the whole AAA Large Division schedule off kilter in its system.

• Union 34, Pacific 13;

• Sullivan 34, St. Clair 28;

• St. James 35, Owensville 28;

• South Callaway 42, Hermann 14;

• Warrenton 40, St. Charles 28;

• Wright City 27, Van-Far 20;

• Windsor 28, Cuba 21.

Believe it or not, the district football standings are out there. They’re not easy to find on the MSHSAA website. You’ve got to go to individual school pages, click on the 11-man football schedule and then find the small “show district standings” link near the bottom of the page.

Doing this, you’ll find the current district standings.

Those should give a better idea of how our area teams stack up in their districts by using the official MSHSAA points system.

And right now, it’s not good.

Washington’s the pick of the litter and is ranked second in its Class 5 district behind Camdenton and comfortably ahead of Lebanon. If the season ended today, the Blue Jays would have a first-round bye and then host the Lebanon-Rolla winner in the second round.

Class 4 District 3 has five of our area teams.

Westminster Christian would be the top seed for the playoffs starting in Week 10.

The top area team would be St. Clair, ranked third behind Ladue.

St. Clair has a slight edge on Priory, which would have the final home berth for Week 10.

Ranked fifth through eighth are Sullivan, Union, Pacific and Borgia.

It’s a similar story in Class 3 District 2, where St. James is fourth and Owensville is eighth.

As of right now, Hermann would have a home playoff game as a fourth seed in its Class 2 district.

There has to be a better way to get the district standings out to the public because I know there is massive speculation of where everyone stands as of this point in the season. We’ve still got six games to play in the regular season before the playoff brackets are set for Week 10, so there’s plenty of room for change. Injuries could change things around dramatically as well. I know Duchesne was able to beat Borgia with a sophomore quarterback. I think he’ll be good down the road but they’ll probably feel better if Clay Stulce could come back by the end of the regular season.

Anything still can happen. Knowing the nature of high school sports, it probably will happen.