A fixture at third base for the Missouri champion Post 218 Senior Legion team and Borgia High School, Jack Kopmann is hoping to make his mark at the college level.

Kopmann, a 2012 Borgia graduated, signed last summer to play at Westminster College in Fulton.

Kopmann said playing college baseball was a goal.

“That’s what I really wanted to do going into college other than my education,” Jack said.

Kopmann has had a decorated career with both Post 218 and Borgia. He started at third base last summer as Post 218 won the Missouri Senior Legion state title for the first time since 1989.

“It’s been great pitching,” Kopmann said about Post 218’s success this summer. “We’ve hit well and fielded OK. I think it’s pitching. We’ve had solid outings from all of our starters. You win with pitching. I’m glad we have pitchers who can get it done this year.”

He platooned with Dylan Bielicke at the position in 2011 when Washington finished second to Festus.

“I think competition brings out the best in everybody,” Jack said. “I had to fight for my playing time and Dylan did well. It was hard to beat him out. At the end of the year, it came down to fielding and I think I was just a little better at it. We hit about the same. Defense can change the game. I’m glad I got that done.”

At Borgia, he helped the Knights win the 2011 district title. Borgia fell in the district semifinals last spring.

“We had a good run but it came down to a few mistakes which ended up costing us the game against Fatima,” Kopmann said. “That was depressing.”

Jack indicated he received good coaching with both teams.

“It helps with Coach (Mike) Gardner, Coach (Jeff) Leimkuehler and Rob (Borgia Head Coach Rob Struckhoff), too,” Jack said. “Any time I have a question about if I dropped my hands or was out too early, they would help me. My dad helps, too. We go and hit a lot and then work on my fielding. My dad (Joe Kopmann) helps me with that, too.”

Kopmann hopes to play third base at Westminster, but is open to doing whatever it takes to help the team.

“Third base is the position I like the most,” Jack said. “It’s the hot corner. I like being able to charge the ball and make the hard plays with the long throws and such.”

Jack feels he has a good attitude toward playing baseball.

“I think my attitude is my strength,” Kopmann said. “I don’t get down on myself. I think I’m pretty positive. If one thing is not going my way, I just try to get back at it and do something good.”

At Borgia, Kopmann also played football as a kick returner and defensive back. He said he enjoyed being a member of the 12-1 team which went to the quarterfinals last fall.

“That was always fun,” Kopmann said. “I liked it. It was a big adrenaline rush looking up at the ball and then looking down to see a lot of defenders coming at you. It was a lot of fun. I liked that a lot. I’m going to miss that. Coach (Dale) Gildehaus was an entertaining coach. Although baseball is what I love to do the most, football was a fun thing to experience here at Borgia. I’m glad I did it.”

At Westminster, Kopmann hopes to eventually go into medicine.

“I’m thinking premed, but it’s pretty much an open book,” Jack said. “Everything takes work. I just have to work at it.”

Jack’s parents are Joe and Kelly Kopmann.