While the Union Swim Team Squids placed third in the Gateway Swimming and Diving League Janet Evans Division meet Saturday, July 12, in Pacific, the team had many superlative performances.

The Squids, defending division champions, scored 1,613 points to finish behind host Pacific (2,112.5) and Lake of the Woods (1,697) in the championship meet.

Following Union were Indian Hills (1,235.5) and Bridle Creek (398).

Union had its best finish on the girls side, placing second with 898 points. Pacific was the top scorer on the girls side with 1,085.5 points. Lake of the Woods scored 802 while Indian Hills had 563.5 points and Bridle Creek had 257 points.

In boys events, Union was third with 715 points. Pacific scored 1,027 with Lake of the Woods at 895. After Union were Indian Hills at 672 and Bridle Creek at 141 points.

Union’s event winners were:

• Isabella Rio (girls 9-10 individual medley, butterfly);

• Aidan Garlock (boys 9-10 individual medley, breaststroke, butterfly);

• Alexis Garlock (girls 13-14 individual medley, freestyle, butterfly);

• Aubrey Meyer (girls 15-18 freestyle, backstroke, butterfly);

• Matthew Tchiblakian (boys 6-Under breaststroke);

• Maddy Tchiblakian (girls 11-12 breaststroke); and

• Brianna Brown (girls 9-10 backstroke).

Second-place Squids were:

• Brianna Brown (girls 9-10 individual medley, butterfly);

• Emma Vodnansky (girls 9-10 freestyle);

• Andrew Tchiblakian (boys 15-18 breaststroke);

• William Weber (boys 6-Under backstroke);

• Connor Smith (boys 9-10 backstroke);

• Gabe Rio (boys 9-10 butterfly);  and

• Porter Allmeroth (boys 13-14 butterfly).

Taking third place in individual events were:

• Gabe Rio (boys 9-10 individual medley, freestyle);

• Porter Allmeroth (boys 13-14 individual medley, freestyle);

• Matthew Tchiblakian (boys 6-Under freestyle, backstroke);

• Bradley Tucker (boys 7-8 breaststroke);

• Isabella Rio (girls 9-10 breaststroke);

• Grant Smith (boys 13-14 breaststroke);

• Aubrey Gerdel (girls 7-8 backstroke);

• Lucas Hoekel (boys 7-8 backstroke);

• Emma Vodnansky (girls 9-10 backstroke);

• Austin Moreland (boys 7-8 butterfly); and

• Autumn Garlock (girls 15-18 butterfly).

Finishing fourth were Rilyn Tesar, Grace Bolzenius, Sydney Gerdel, Connor Smith, Gabe Hoekel, Caleb Gerdel and Andrew Tchiblakian.

Swimming to fifth place were Grant Smith (twice), Autumn Garlock, Austin Moreland, Emily Bell, Grace Coppinger, Sarah Stellhorn, Ricky Heflin, Crystal Martin, Sydney Gerdel, Gisele Bolzenius and Dylan Fitzgerald.

Scoring for sixth were Emily Bell, Ricky Heflin (twice), William Weber, Caleb Gerdel, Dylan Fitzgerald (twice), Carrison Tesar, Rachel Bolte, Jack Allmeroth (twice), Rilyn Tesar, Autumn Garlock, Sadie Mueller and Sara Ockleston.

Taking seventh were Maddy Tchiblakian (twice), Sadie Mueller, Lily Tchiblakian (twice), Sara Ockleston (twice), Sarah Stellhorn, VanEssa Graham, Gracie Moss, Carrison Tesar, Sidney Woolfe, Shelby Kiewitt and Drew Allmeroth.

Ending eighth were Carrison Tesar, Crystal Martin (twice), Connor Smith, Skylar Traffas, MacEy Holman, Shelby Kiewitt, Drew Allmeroth, Aidan Gildehaus, Autumn Lammert and Sydney Gerdel.

Notching ninth were Liam Callahan, Lucas Hoekel, Rachel Bolte, Jack Allmeroth, Sidney Woolfe, Gabe Hoekel, Gracie Moss, Carter Smith, Jennifer Eagan, Lily Tchiblakian, Rilyn Tesar and Sidney Woolfe.

Placing 10th were Shelby Kiewitt, Ryan Webb, Mikayla Weber (twice), Victoria Webb, Carter Smith and Natalie Bestman.

Union’s 11th-place swimmers were Samuel Miller, Aidan Gildehaus, Jennifer Eagan, Darcie Buchman, Veronica Graham and Sarah Stellhorn.

Earning a point for 12th were Gabe Hoekel, Grace Coppinger, Victoria Webb, Darcie Buchman, Gabrielle Moss, Anna Gerling, Natalie Bestman and Jennifer Eagan.

Union’s winning freestyle relay teams were in the boys 6-Under, boys 9-10 and girls 13-14 races.

Second-place freestyle relay teams were in the girls 9-10 and girls 15-18 divisions.

In the medley relay races, Union’s winning teams were in the girls 8-Under, boys 9-10 and girls 11-12 teams.

Taking second place were the boys 8-Under, girls 9-10, girls 13-14 and girls 15-18 teams.