Union’s Trevor King and Sullivan’s Macy Ritter won titles Saturday at the second annual Washington High School pentathlon.

Each athlete, boys and girls, competed in five events with points accumulated to determine the final individual standings.

The events were the girls 100-meter high hurdles, boys 110-meter high hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump, girls 800-meter run and boys 1,500-meter run.

“It was a great day. This is the only event of its kind throughout the Midwest,” said Washington Head Coach Mike Olszowka. “We had some of the best all-around track athletes from around the St. Louis area and reminded everyone that we have some of the best track athletes right here in Franklin County.”

Schools represented at the pentathlon were Washington, Union, Pacific, Sullivan, Kirkwood, Rockwood Summit and Timberland.

King accumulated 3,004 points to take the boys title. He won the 110-meter high hurdles in 14.9 (school record), the high jump at 5-10 and the shot put at 11.4 meters (37-5). He was second in the long jump at 5.71 meters (18-7).

“Trevor King shattered the total score of this meet, establishing himself as one of the top track and field athletes in the state and top multi-event athletes in the nation,” Olszowka said.

“Trevor had a good day. He broke our school record in the 110-meter hurdles,” said Union Head Coach Chris Kelley. “He had an off-performance in high jump. It was the first time this season he was under 6-0. But he bounced back by taking first place in the shot put. He continues to do great things.”

Ritter accumulated 2,896 points to win the girls title. She won the high jump at 5-2, the shot put at 9.07 meters (29-8) and the long jump at 5.29 meters (17-4).

“Macy is just an outstanding athlete and a great kid. Her performances were amazing across the board,” Olszowka said.

“It was the first time Macy has ever done anything like that. We knew if she performed to the best of her ability, she’d have a shot to win,” said Sullivan Coach Pat Burke. “She loved it. She found another event, the hurdles, that she really liked. Doing multiple events is something she’ll do in college, so it was a nice introduction for her.”

Girls Results

Placing behind Ritter in the girls standings were Washington’s Kirstie Leslie and Abi Brown, finishing second and third with 2,764 and 2,726 points, respectively.

“We knew Kirstie and Abi were great track kids,” Olszowka said. “Kirstie has been in a couple pentathlons before. She improved by nearly 700 points. Abi proved how she can and will be great at anything she does.”

Kirkwood’s Lianna Doty and Amber Solomon placed fourth and fifth with 2,680 and 2,631 points, respectively.

Union’s Anna Houston finished sixth with 2,319 points.

“Anna did not have a very good time for her in the 100-meter hurdles. That hurt her point total somewhat,” Kelley said. “She did about what we expected in the high jump, long jump and shot. In the 800-meter run, she did very well.”

Other area athletes competing were Sullivan’s Natalie Schriever (eighth with 2,144), Pacific’s Madison Livell (ninth with 2,118), Sullivan’s Bria Bartolotta (10th with 2,106), Sullivan’s Megan Brandt (13th with 1,968), Union’s KateLyn Riechers (14th with 1,946), Washington’s Megan Bauche (17th with 1,875), Union’s Kayla Kelly (18th with 1,871), Union’s Janna Ruether (20th with 1,715), Pacific’s Sarah Turner (21st with 1,704), Sullivan’s Natasha Snavely (23rd with 1,656) and Washington’s Hannah Leslie (26th with 1,545).

Boys Results

Behind King’s first-place finish, Pacific’s Ben Cates was second in the boys standings with 2,722 points.

“Ben had a great day. He was only a couple of hundred points behind King, which isn’t much in this type of competition,” said Pacific Coach Jim Rutherford. “I’m really proud of Ben. He’s a very good athlete.”

Sullivan’s Colby Hammonds finished third with 2,531 points. Washington’s Dillon Quaethem placed fourth 2,437 points. Kirkwood’s James Willis ended fifth with 2,334 points.

“Hammonds, Cates and Quaethem came into their first ever multi-event competition and established themselves as top multi-event athletes in the state,” Olszowka said.

Other area athletes competing were Union’s Ryan Coons (seventh with 2,325) and Washington’s Max Phinney (11th with 2,207), Ben Gratza (12th with 2,101), Caleb Curran (13th with 2,084) and Alex Schull (14th with 1,975).

“Ryan did well for never competing in four of the five events,” Kelley said. “He’s just an athletic kid. I figured we would at least compete with the other athletes. He took second in the shot put.”

Olszowka thanked all the help in making the event run.

“We had a total team effort from the Washington community. We had many of our athletes who had a day off volunteer to come in and help administer the events. Our coaches put in a long day with little coaching as we were the meet administrators. Mr. (Bill) Deckelman has been behind us supporting us in any way we needed it since we envisioned this meet. Mrs. (Melanie) Trentmann volunteered her Saturday to come in and run our scoreboard and do the scoring. Borgia helped by allowing us to borrow some of their equipment to make the meet more efficient. Every kid, every coach, every parent and every spectator we talked to thought this was one of the best track and field events they have ever witnessed.”